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How to Preach to a Camera

Leading Your Church in a Time of Crisis

Tools to Help Church Staff and Volunteers Working Remotely

3 Ways to Create Community When Your Church Can’t Gather in Person

Church Resources to Help Navigate COVID-19

Breeze Support will be Closed for Our Annual Retreat

How to Emotionally Connect with Your Church as a Preacher

How to Keep Your Church Focused on the Great Commission

3 Lessons to Help Pastors Endure Decades of Ministry

How to Build a Volunteering Culture at Your Church

How to Preach for Change within Your Church

Bring Your Identity to Your Work

How to Be a Chief Encouraging Officer At Your Church

Say No to Saying Yes in Your Ministry

January 2020 Updates

What To Do When You're Too Busy For Your Ministry

How to Make an Awesome (or Terrible) End of Year Donation Receipt

How To Make Contribution Statements A Breeze This Year

How to Become an Older Church Leader That People Actually Like

How to Engage Mental Health in Your Church

The Importance of Church Engagement in Community Service

Breeze Church Management Website Redesign

Welcoming Church Visitors: 3 Questions to Examine How Your Church is Doing

Sermon Series - Ideas for Church Leaders

November 2019 Updates

Lessons From Past Employers That Helped Me Grow in Ministry

Becoming a Church Leader Free of Pride and Envy

Update to Breeze Texting

Church Leadership Includes Succession Planning

Should We Do What That Other Church is Doing?

How to Survive Toxic Criticism in Your Church

The Dance of Relevance and Orthodoxy In The Church

The Secret to Reaching a Post-Christian Culture

How To Stay Spiritually Healthy This Ministry Season

Will Your Church be a Thing in 40 Years?

How to Speak the Right Words at the Right Time In Your Ministry

5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Small Group Ministry

6 Ways to Invest in Marriages in Your Church

Fall Launch 2019

How and Why to Do Performance Reviews with Your Church Staff

7 Ways You are Holding Your Church Team Back from Their Potential

August 2019 Updates

What To Do When Your Church Service Is Full

7 Critical Ways to Train Your Church Staff

What to do When Ministry Feels Like Too Much

2 Questions That Lead to a Healthier You

July 2019 Updates

3 Short and Easy Books For Ministry Leaders

How to Build a Magnetic and Effective Ministry Team

Why People Choose Your Church

Am I Too Busy For Jesus?

4 Ways Technology can Promote Engagement in Your Church

June 2019 Updates

7 Must Do Events for Your Church

How to Run a Better Meeting at Your Church

How to Make Vision For Your Church Actually Stick

5 Important Metrics for the Future of Your Church

May 2019 Updates

3 Ideas to Get More New People Coming to Your Church

Creating Change in Your Church When You Don't Have Authority

3 Strategies for Life-Long Faith

Today’s Adolescents and Your Church, Part 2

April 2019 Updates

Todays Adolescents and Your Church, Part 1

4 Strategies to Help Church Parents Win

4 Things I'm Learning from the Young People in My Church

Ask More “How Do You...” Questions In Your Church

March 2019 Updates

4 Questions to Ask for More Engaging Church Announcements

How One Question Transformed How I Lead Ministry

How is Your Ministry Work MPG?

Two Strategies For Handling Your Weaknesses In Ministry

February 2019 Updates

2 Critical Characteristics of Veteran Pastors

Four Strategies for Reviving a Dying Church

How To Build A Championship Level Ministry Team

Nine Ways To Promote Longevity With Ministry Volunteers

January 2019 Updates

Seven Church Leadership Resolutions For 2019

Merry Christmas From Our Founder

How To Lead A Great One-On-One Meeting In Ministry

Why Alignment In Ministry Matters

5 Ways To Improve Hospitality At Your Church

November Updates Blog

How To Make Better Decisions In Ministry

Check-In Updates

How To Create Amazing Ministry Content (Part 2)

How To Create Amazing Ministry Content (Part 1)

October Updates Blog

How To Give People In Your Church A Voice

How To Unlock Potential In Your Church Volunteers

How To Lead Through Change In Your Church

The Art of Giving Tough Feedback In The Church

September Updates Blog

Five Books To Change The Way You Lead Your Ministry

5 Tips For Interviewing Church Staff Like A Boss

Form Filter & Auto-Tag Form Respondents

The Church Worker's Guide To Survival

Follow Up With New Attenders

How To Help Marriages Thrive In Your Church

Three Ideas For Better Church Staff Meetings

Follow Up With New Givers

Five Gauges For Staying Healthy In Ministry

Follow Up Progressions

Five Simple Ways To Develop Leaders In Your Church

Automatically Send Customized Birthday Emails

Four Strategies For Better Understanding Your Church Leaders

Work Smarter with Smart Tags

Why Leadership Development Isn’t Happening In Your Church

Six Ways to Get More People into Your Church Small Groups

Five Tips For Making Your Church Offering Time Better

Automate your workflows with Automated Tasks

Three Strategies For Recruiting More Volunteers

Five Places To Invest If Your Church Isn't Growing

Six Questions That Lead To More Productive Ministry

How To Unlock Greatness In Your Church Volunteers (Part 2)

How To Unlock Greatness In Your Church Volunteers

5 Ministry Lessons From A Meteorologist

5 Ways To Engage Your Church's Community This Summer

5 Reasons Young People Are Leaving Your Church

Breeze Community Forum

10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Church Summer Break

4 Ways To Become A Community-Oriented Church

Online Giving by Breeze is Now Available in Canada

Your Church's Most Powerful Outreach Event

4 Tools for Better Ministry Decisions

Get Notifications About Key Areas of Your Church

4 Tactics For Improving Low Performance In Your Ministry

6 Strategies For Keeping Your Best People In Ministry

Breeze is Hiring: Work for Breeze (and your church)

5 Preaching Lessons For Pastors To Learn From Music

Updated Design

4 Strategies for Fighting the Silo Mentality In Your Church

Breeze is Hiring (PHP/MySQL Developer)

3 Ways To Show Unity in the Church (And Why It's So Important)

5 Lessons on Longevity from Veteran Pastors

3 Strategies for Getting More Out of Your Church Volunteers

Planning Center Integration Upgraded

4 Reasons Students Aren’t Walking Away From Church

How to Kill a Sacred Cow at your Church (Part 2)

How to Kill a Sacred Cow at your Church

2 Ideas to Move Your Church Toward Outreach

Who Decides What: The Pastor or The Board

4 Questions that Guide Our Church's Strategic Plan

6 Indicators that it's Time to End a Ministry

How We Got 94% of our Student Ministry Volunteers to Attend our Weekend Retreat

4 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Church

Creating your 2017 End of Year Giving Statements with Breeze

6 Reasons Why Church Volunteers Quit

Attendance Reporting Upgraded

7 Must-Read Books for Church Leaders

5 Ways We Keep our Church Safe and Secure

5 Signs You Are an Insecure Leader

3 Strategies Our Church Uses for Achieving Our Goals

Save Customized Directory Formats

5 Reasons People are Leaving Your Church

Show Classroom Names on Check In Page

6 Ways to Reignite Energy on your Church Staff

Speed Upgrade to Breeze

4 Ways to Deal with Criticism (as a Church Leader)

Include Tags on People Excel Exports

6 Social Media Basics for Churches

5 Strategies to Increase Giving in Your Church

5 Tips to Get People to Show Up To Church On Time

4 Ways Church Leaders Can Turn Vision into Real Lasting Change

Specify Who Receives a Printed Name Tag at Check In

Surviving Fall Ministry Fatigue

Launching your Fall Ministry Season with Momentum

3 Ways Churches can set Bigger Goals this Ministry Season

Why Great Church Leaders Do Less

How to Get Your Church Growing Again

3 Ways to Help Students Stay In Church After Graduation

Breeze is Hiring a Remote Part Time Team Member!

3 Ways Church Leaders Can Avoid Coasting

Schedule Future-Dated Follow Ups

3 Ways Church Leaders Can Make Better Decisions

What We've Been Working On Lately

The Biggest Threat to being a Great Ministry Leader

Our Church's 3 Part Strategy for Growth

Hide Sensitive Data for Specific People

3 Lessons I've Learned in Leading a Ministry Team

Do Not Email & Do Not Text Settings

How to Retain and Inspire your Church's Volunteers

5 Ways to Grow and Develop your Church Staff

4 Ideas for More Engaging Church Staff Meetings

Breeze is Hiring: Work for Breeze (and your church)

Two Factors that are Killing Your Church's Growth

3 Signs You're Micromanaging Your Church Staff

Progress Bars Added to Exports

3 Mistakes Churches Should Avoid when Launching a Second Campus

How We Created a Discipleship Strategy at our Church

How Church Workers Can Resist Becoming Bitter and Jaded

3 Mistakes Churches Make When Hiring

Export Specific Fields to Excel

Why Your Church's Bathroom Matters

Multiple Calendar Views Added

3 Steps to Generating Honest Feedback from Church Staff and Attenders

Four Habits that Make Me a Better Ministry Leader

My Two Biggest Mistakes in Ministry

Our Church's 3 Strategies for Constantly Improving

How to Stay Emotionally Healthy in Ministry

How to Know When a Church Volunteer Should Be Fired

3 Ways We Measure Spiritual Growth

Add a New Family from the Check In Screen

3 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Working at a Church

3 Reasons to NOT Start Something New at your Church

Two Preaching Basics I Wish I Knew When I Started

Breeze is Hiring: Work for Breeze (and your church)

4 Reasons Your Church Doesn't Have Enough Volunteers

How Your Church Can Build a Vibrant Small Groups Ministry

3 Ways Church Leaders can Build Trust with Staff and Volunteers

Attracting 18 - 30 Year Olds to Your Church

Complete Guide to Creating Great End of Year Giving Statements in Breeze

6 Strategies for Improving as a Biblical Communicator

Archive Deceased and Inactive People

4 Ways We Turned Around Our Shrinking Church

Breeze App for iPhone, iPad and Android

5 Lessons I've Learned on Managing Church Workers

Generate Printed Letters

2 Steps to Maximize End of Year Giving at your Church

6 Ways to Keep Your Best Employees at Your Church

4 Principles for Smooth Staff Transitions at your Church

Contributions Report Grouped by Month

3 Ways to Fight the Loneliness of Ministry Leadership

Multiple Payment Fields on Forms

The Church Worker's Guide to Confrontation

Breeze is Hiring (PHP/MySQL Developer)

5 Warning Signs of Ministry Burnout

Specify Room Locations and Detect Room Conflicts

How I Lead My Ministry Team with Vision (and how you can do the same)

6 Books That Have Shaped Me as a Ministry Leader

Schedule a Text Message to Send Later

When to Fire a Church Worker: 7 Questions to Ask

Schedule an Email to Send Later

How to Move People Who Don’t Want to Move

6 Updates to Contributions & Online Giving

Why Churches Get Stuck in the Past (and how to prevent it)

View Pledges from within a Profile

How to Build an Amazing Staff Culture at your Church

Printable Attendance Sheets

4 Reasons Your Church is Shrinking

Edit Submitted Form Entries

How Our Ministry Team Tracks, Measures, and Improves Efficiency

3 Strategies for Resolving Conflict within your Church Staff

Allow Recipients to Reply-All to your Breeze Emails

How to Hire Great People for your Church

How to Structure a Great Church Staff Meeting

4 Steps to Avoiding Burnout in Ministry

Strategic Ways to Use Your Church Attendance Data

We're Hiring - Work for Breeze (and your church)

7 Effective Ways to Follow Up with Church Visitors

Upgraded Calendar

3 Ways to Keep Your Church Visitors Coming Back

API Updates for Developers

6 Lessons I've Learned on Delegation for Church Leaders

User Roles can now be Copied

How to Build a Great Church Website (and why you can't afford not to)

Update Existing People from Form Entries

5 Tips for Great Church Staff Meetings

3 Essentials for Training Church and Ministry Volunteers

New Giving Reports

6 Questions Every Volunteer is Asking

Changing Grades in Breeze

4 Strategies for Recruiting More Volunteers

Detect Conflicting Volunteer Schedules

How to Grow your Church (and why I joined mine)

Notify Everyone of a Completed Form

Update Family's Home Phone

Is My Church Too Big for Breeze?

Create People from Form Entries

Member Access without Invitations

Limit Visible Tags

Compare Event Attendance

Customizable Mailing Labels

Breeze is Hiring - Become an Import Specialist

View a Person's Details Without Opening their Profile

Show All Duplicate Profiles

Store Multiple Email Addresses for a Person

Text Giving Released

We're Hiring - Work for Breeze (and your church)

Automatic Logout

Introducing Fund Groups and Fund IDs

Using Breeze with Quickbooks (or any other accounting software)

See Who Opens Your Emails

8 Tips for Creating Great End of Year Tax Statements in Breeze

Contribution Statement Templates

5 Questions Churches Ask Us About Our Price

Online Giving by Breeze

Google Calendar Integration, Calendars for Members, & More

How to Get Returning Visitors: Check Your Kids Ministry

We're Hiring - Work for Breeze (and your church)

Multiple Calendars Released

Forms for Events, Archive Forms & More

API Update (required for developers)

Breeze is now Faster than Ever (Upgrade Complete)

Upgrade Planned for Friday Sept 18 @ 8pm EST

Email Templates & Signatures Integration

More Options for Online Giving

How We Keep Your Data Safe

Check In Speed Increased

Check In 3.0 Released

Check In 3.0 Beta Released

Follow Ups Upgraded

Searching Contributions is Now Even More Powerful

Reviews of the Best Church Management Software Solutions

Quickly Print Attendance by Classroom

5 Church Software Tools Every Church Should Be Using

Volunteer Management

Pledge Information on Statements

Event Reports Upgraded

Integration with Continue to Give

Customize your Payment Methods

Add Person when Adding Contributions

Online Contributions Auto Assigned to People

Select Grade Promotion Date

The World Map of Christian Apps

3 Customer Service Lessons for Your Church

Chrome Update breaks Check In Printing (& How to Fix It)


Easy Member Access

Easy Wireless Printing at Check In

Early Spring Cleaning

Update: Archive People, Provide Small Group Access, & More

Update: Text Like the Pros

Update: Server Speed

Update: Pledges

Update: End of Year Contribution Updates

Update: Follow Ups

Update: Update People via Excel

Update: Add Person with Details via Check In

Update: Update Profile Pictures via Check In Page


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I cannot say enough about Breeze. Their customer service is so friendly, you feel like you have friends and family helping you get started, they're prompt to reply and will do whatever they can to help you get things sorted out. It's been so easy to learn, our staff is loving it and best of all even our staff who are not computer savvy find it a breeze (pun intended). We are just thrilled by our choice.

Allicia B.
Ellel Ministries Canada