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Posted by Julie Schweihofer on November 27, 2018

Check-In is central to the Sunday experience and Breeze is excited to launch the beta version of the new check-in design highlighting three main priorities...#1 Speed, #2 Security, and #3 Aesthetics.

    Updates have been made to lessen loads on your local computers, specifically when listing a significant amount of people and/or using search and kiosk modes, this will be particularly helpful to those running on less powerful devices.

    Not printing nametags? The system will no longer search for a printer every time check-in is opened but rather only when you select “printer” from the settings or check someone into a print eligible event.

    With the new Kiosk Mode, check-in by phone and barcode scanner is here, providing the flexibility you need for a smooth and safe Sunday morning check-in experience.

    Along with the new functionality, the design elements within check-in took a leap forward. You’ll notice cleaner, more appealing screen designs with the same intuitive functionality you’ve come to expect in Breeze.

In large, you'll find the core functions within the check-in screens have remained consistent. Select Try the new check-in system beta version on an event basis to explore and become familiar with the new functions which are scheduled to replace the old in February 2019.

Let’s take a look at the updates starting with Check-In Modes:

Kiosk Mode

With heightened security concerns around safeguarding the little ones you care for on Sunday mornings, many of you have asked for phone and/or barcode check-in functionality.

Kiosk Mode responds to your needs by allowing people to check in by searching by their phone number or by scanning a barcode. This is the recommended mode when the check-in station will be viewed publicly and you do not want people to see names outside of their own family.

As a default, this mode also brings additional security by requiring the logged in user to enter a password prior to making any setting changes. This prevents an unauthorized user from switching to a less secure search or list check-in mode. You, as the logged in user, are able to disable the lock if desired.

Search Mode

Search mode grants you the same check-in options as Kiosk mode with the added ability to check in by name.

This mode is ideal when the check-in screen will only be visible to staff or volunteers or when security is not as high a priority (e.g. it's okay if someone sees a name of someone outside their own family by typing in another name).

List Mode

List mode displays a filterable list of all the people eligible to be checked in. This mode is ideal when the check-in screen will only be visible to staff or a volunteer running check-in. All eligible individuals are listed alphabetically on the screen. List mode does not support phone or barcode check-in.

Now, let’s take a look at what’s behind the gear “settings” icon located on the check-in screens including Headcount, Add Barcode and Filter.

The "Anonymous" option is now labeled "Headcount" and allows you to adjust your attendance numbers for reporting.

Add Barcode
Easily add a new barcode right from the check-in screen. When in Kiosk mode, if you haven’t disabled the default security lock, a password will be required to access these settings preventing unauthorized users from entering new barcodes.

When in list mode, you may find it helpful to filter your list of eligible attendees by tag, making it easier for classroom volunteers handling class specific check-in.

Still with me? A few more updates to top off the new Check-in design.

Add Person
Add person from the check-in screens now allows for 11 family members to be added all in one shot. Cheers to big families :)

And, within the Event Settings, you are able to:

Change Appearance
Selecting one of nine different colors for your check-in screen background. Choose something that closely matches your church logo, goes with your event theme, or simply makes you happy.

Set Default Check In Mode
Save your volunteers a step and pre-set the check-in mode for your events.

Require Password to Access Check-In Settings
If enabled, when trying to access “Settings” from the check-in screen, the user must enter the logged in user’s password. Useful for security when setting up check-in as a kiosk.

Manage Barcodes
Barcodes are universal to all events and therefore Manage Barcodes is found under the gear “settings” icon located on the main events page. This menu allows you to view and delete existing barcodes as well as add new barcodes as needed.

Already using barcodes and want to move what you have over to Breeze? Import Barcodes by navigating to More>Tasks>Import Barcodes. Select your file to import dozens, hundreds, or thousands of barcodes instantly. Ensure the file matches the format of the template file and you’ll be up and running.

Well, that does it, a comprehensive look at the new Check-In updates waiting for you to explore. Please reach out to as you have questions. We value your work in ministry and are here to help!

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