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Posted by Julie Schweihofer on December 4, 2018

Greetings Breeze Family!

During the month of November, your development team at Breeze was hard at work. Updates include archive people management, check-in, additional logged information and more.


The “Archive” people action has moved out of the shadows of the scary delete button and now exists as its own action.

Permission settings have also been updated to allow for “Archive People” and “View Archived People” as independent permissions.

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We've retroactively given all roles that previously had "Archived People" permission "View Archived People" permission.


Check-In Kiosk mode added to include check-in by barcode scanner or phone number search - bringing additional security to your Sunday morning check-in stations.

This new mode, along with additional speed and aesthetic updates, can be found under the beta version of check-in activated in events.

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Changes made to the Bank Account information associated with your church’s Online Giving Transfers are now logged.

Whenever bank account information is added, removed, or updated, that action, along with the user performing them, are recorded. Additionally, those same actions are now logged for Member Online Giving bank changes as well. Logging changes to bank account information ensure that you can audit when someone intentionally (or otherwise) changes this sensitive information.

No banking information is stored within Breeze beyond the last 4-digits of accounts for verification purposes.

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If Online Giving transfers to the church fail, it will trigger an email alert to the primary user that the account needs attention. This will help you make sure contribution money is transferred to your church bank account in a timely manner and without undue delay.

Using Breeze as a non-church account? Before using Online Giving, please review the following restrictions prohibiting use for financial services, IP Infringement, regulated or illegal products and services, unfair, predatory, or deceptive practices. We verify our users pretty strongly and trust you’re all using Breeze for good, but that doesn’t get us around the legalities.

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Chrome Translate

We’re fans of Chrome and now our code supports Chrome Translate. Chrome has this really great feature that automatically translates any page you visit into the language of your choice. For non-english readers, this is a super handy way of experiencing Breeze through your own language.

To enable language support in Chrome:

1. Open Settings
2. Search for "Languages"
3. Click the "Add languages" and select your language of choice
4. Click the three dots next to the language and check the "Offer to translate pages in this language" box

Now when Chrome loads a page, you'll be prompted to translate the page into your selected language.

I hope you find these updates helpful!

And, if you need additional support, please reach out to us anytime. We are here to help!

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