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Breeze Q1 2021 Updates

Posted by Tim Aderman on April 14, 2021


Highlights include: 1. New Online Giving Reporting, 2. Simplified Refund Reporting, and 3. Free Text Message Increase. Breeze Updated Design Things look a little different around Breeze. We’ve updated the look and feel of our navigation and menus. This update was primarily design based to give Breeze a cleaner, more current style and feel. While most everything is still where it was before, the exception is the User and Account Settings menus. They’ve been combined into one easy-to-use menu...

4 Ways to Connect with Your Online Church Audience

Posted by Aaron Buer on April 8, 2021


If your church is like ours, a significant portion of your congregation is still watching online. At some point, we’re going to have to challenge our people.  “Get out of your pajamas and get to church!” That day probably isn’t today. Maybe late summer? September?  Not only are many of our congregants still watching from home, but likely there are new families that have connected with our churches online over the last year as well. How do we connect with those new people and reconnect with our...

Church Leaders: Imitate the Process, Not the Product

Posted by Aaron Buer on April 1, 2021


If you could be world-class at something, what would it be? Maybe your goal is to become an exceptional worship leader, a sought-after speaker, or the kind of leader that gets called for consulting. Perhaps you want to be a writer, podcaster, or thought leader. What do you want to be really good at?   For me, it’s preaching. I want to be an exceptional communicator. But, back when I was a kid, it was basketball. I wanted to be a highlight-reel point guard. My favorite player was Isaiah Thomas...

Is Your Church Ready for an Easter Grand Reopening?

Posted by Aaron Buer on March 25, 2021


Have you ever been to a grand opening of a restaurant or store? Leading up to the event, there is excitement. There is a buzz. There is anticipation.  A few years back, I went with some friends to a brand-new restaurant in our town. It had the perfect location. The building–indoor and outdoor–was really cool. I was excited to go. The experience was…underwhelming. Most of the items on their menu were mysteriously unavailable. The food they did have was ‘meh.’ The service was not very attentive....

6 Questions to Ask When Relaunching a Ministry

Posted by Aaron Buer on March 18, 2021


I wonder if your church is in the same place as ours. While we’ve been able to continue weekend services throughout the pandemic, not every ministry has been meeting in person or even gathering at all. We’re now at the place of gearing up to relaunch a few ministries.   How do you relaunch a ministry that has been inactive? Perhaps more challenging, how do you relaunch a ministry that has been meeting online but with a fraction of the pre-COVID participants? I have a few thoughts. Here are six...

What Do You Need to Lament?

Posted by Aaron Buer on March 11, 2021


It’s been a year under the shadow of this virus, masks, restrictions, and not feeling free to operate as a church in the ways we would desire.   A year where my kids weren’t as plugged into church as they usually would have been. I worry about the spiritual impact on them and other kids and students in my area.   A year of racial and political tensions and violence in our country. It has been a hard year.   What do we do with all this on-going disappointment, frustration, and sadness? How do we...

Resources to Lead Your Church Through Change

Posted by Aaron Buer on March 4, 2021


Our church hit a milestone this past weekend. It was one year ago we closed our in-person worship services because of COVID. At the time, I remember thinking, “we’ll close for a few weeks and open back up for Easter.” Yeah…that’s not what happened.   As pastors and church leaders, we’ve been leading through what is probably the most complex and confusing season of ministry we’ll ever experience. It has forced a lot of change, yet I believe there are still more changes ahead.  One of the most...

Where Your Church Should Invest in 2021

Posted by Aaron Buer on February 25, 2021


Where will your church invest its energy in 2021? You can’t be awesome at everything. In fact, you may only be able to make a significant impact in one or two areas.   I believe this is a critical question as there is so much uncertainty. Are our people still engaged? How many people will come back? Is virtual the future, or will people gather in person once again?   The direction we take in this moment is important. So, where are you going to invest in 2021?   Here’s where I’d like our staff...

How to Stay Connected with Your Church Congregation

Posted by Titus Johnson on February 19, 2021


It would be a vast understatement to say this season of ministry has been uniquely challenging, but I feel there’s no other way of saying it. This season has been UNIQUELY challenging. COVID alone brought numerous challenges for us to keep our congregations connected, and now, across the country the hardships of winter are adding fuel to fire. Places like Texas are experiencing unprecedented hardships from snow and cold, creating even more disconnection. (Texas and snow are not two words I...

How to Master Your Calendar

Posted by Aaron Buer on February 18, 2021


“I wish there was more time in a day.”  “I wish there was another day in the week.”   “There’s just not enough time to get everything done.” These are common statements, and I’ve said them all. I’m sure many of you have as well.   Most of our resources are flexible and fluid— money, space, energy...but not time. We can’t do a thing to add or subtract time from our days.   To be functional and lead at the highest levels possible, you must learn to maximize your time. For this, an optimized...

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