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Providing Clear Vision for Your Church While in a Crisis

Posted by Aaron Buer on May 7, 2020


One of the essential roles of a leader is to provide clarity around vision and mission. This is important at all levels. Your people are looking to you whether you’re the senior pastor, children’s director, or a hospitality coordinator. We are leaders and we set the tone.   So, how do we provide clear vision with so much uncertainty? Most of us don’t even know when we will be allowed to gather in our church buildings again.   Kevin, a senior pastor I’m connected with, recently shared how he is...

3 Resources to Prepare for Chapter 2 of Your Church’s COVID-19 Response

Posted by Aaron Buer on April 30, 2020


Many churches are engaging in the same conversation right now. What does it look like to reopen our church building? This has been the main topic with our church leadership team this week. We see this as our “Chapter 2” response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chapter 1 was broadcasting our church services exclusively online, preaching from our living rooms, and figuring out how to lead communion virtually. Chapter 2 is…well, we’re not 100% sure what it’s going to look like yet. We’re still working...

Bridging the Gap–When Our Churches Can Meet in 10s but Not 100s

Posted by Aaron Buer on April 23, 2020


When shelter-at-home orders are lifted, we will probably not immediately go back to holding church in our buildings. Restrictions to gather will likely be loosened in stages. First, I expect we’ll be allowed to leave our homes and gather in small groups, and that will probably last for a few weeks or more. Then, it will be increased to 50 people, and so on. Depending on your church size, it may be a while before your church is back to meeting in your building.  So, what’s the plan when our...

How to Create Culture in Your Church When You’re Not Meeting in Person

Posted by Aaron Buer on April 16, 2020


On top of everything else your church is experiencing due to COVID-19, you may be feeling like the church or ministry you lead is drifting apart and the culture you have been building is slipping away. These are real concerns when we’re not able to meet in person. So, how can we shape culture in our churches during this season of only meeting online? I have four strategies to share with you that we are currently pursuing in our church.   Focus on Core Values When your church was able to meet in...

4 Ways to Lead as a Pastor During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Aaron Buer on April 9, 2020


Does anyone else feel like the pastoral playbook has been thrown out the window? So much of what we usually do as church leaders has changed because of the coronavirus...physical church meetings, small groups in homes, in-person devotionals, shaking hands at the door, etc. So, how do we lead our church when most of our usual methods of leadership are not an option? While I’m not an expert in this area, as none of us are experts in leading a church amidst a global pandemic, I’d love to share...

Breeze Q1 2020 Updates

Posted by Tim Aderman on April 8, 2020


  Highlights include: 1. New Online Giving Reporting, 2. Simplified Refund Reporting, and 3. Free Text Message Increase. New Online Giving Reporting We’ve launched a newer, faster, and easier version of reporting for online giving! This video will provide you a brief overview of the new system. We hope this new interface allows you to more efficiently manage your church's finances as you care for the people connected to your church. You can learn more in our Online Giving Reporting article. ...

How to Preach to a Camera

Posted by Aaron Buer on April 2, 2020


A few weeks ago only a handful of us were live-streaming services. And, very few of us were only preaching to a camera. Even if you had a camera in your auditorium, you were focused on preaching to the people physically in front of you, not to the people behind the camera.  All this has changed with the COVID-19 pandemic.   We’ve been thrust into an environment where we no longer have the feedback of a live audience to gauge if our jokes are funny, our point is resonating, or if people are...

Leading Your Church in a Time of Crisis

Posted by Jay Hidalgo on March 26, 2020


Since our world and our lives stopped being normal due to the coronavirus, my mind has regularly been going to a story about leadership from ancient times. For many, the name of “Joseph” from the Bible brings images of a brightly colored “dream coat”. However, more importantly, Joseph was once called on to save an entire nation from devastation during a global crisis.  As the story goes, Joseph was called by the Egyptian Pharaoh to interpret a troubling dream he had. Joseph’s interpretation was...

Tools to Help Church Staff and Volunteers Working Remotely

Posted by Tim Aderman on March 24, 2020


In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, many churches are navigating the challenges of working remotely for the first time. As a fully remote company, we realize that working remotely can be tough at times.  We want to share with you a few tools that we find helpful, all of which offer free options.     SLACK Communication is critical when you’re not working down the hall from your team. One of the tools we use to ensure our team feels connected is Slack. Slack is an easy to use messaging tool...

3 Ways to Create Community When Your Church Can’t Gather in Person

Posted by Aaron Buer on March 19, 2020


Last week was one of the most unexpected weeks I’ve experienced as a pastor. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, our governor banned gatherings over 250 people. That means none of our campuses can gather in person. If your church isn’t yet in the same situation, you likely will be soon.  This post isn’t about whether churches should be closed or what I think about the virus. This post is about how to build a church community if and when you have to shut down weekend services. Here are three...

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