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Automatic Logout

Posted by Jon VerLee on January 26, 2016


  We're excited to announce an update which adds even more security to Breeze. Historically users who log into Breeze remain logged in indefinitely until they logout.  Many users find this very convenient as they can just go to their Breeze account without having to remember or type in a username or password each time they visit the site. In some environments however this is less than ideal, especially where the same computer is shared by multiple people.  Even the most detail-oriented...

Introducing Fund Groups and Fund IDs

Posted by Jon VerLee on January 21, 2016


  We're excited to announce an addition to the way Breeze organizes funds. Historically Breeze has allowed users to create a simple list of funds and designate contributions to one or more of those funds. We've now added the ability to group funds together, allowing churches to organize funds in a hierarchical manner. Users can create any number of groups, sub groups, sub-sub groups (etc) and place funds within them, allowing churches to give a level of organization to their funds that was not...

Using Breeze with Quickbooks (or any other accounting software)

Posted by Jon VerLee on January 12, 2016


We're big fans of doing what we do well and letting others focus on what they do well. We love software development and serving churches but when it comes to accounting, there's already a lot of great companies out there.  We'd rather integrate with great accounting systems than spend time creating a second-rate accounting product. While we've built out a specific integration for Quickbooks, we actually recommend an alternative approach; one that can work with any accounting system you're...

See Who Opens Your Emails

Posted by Jon VerLee on January 12, 2016


  We're excited to announce an update to the Breeze email system that allows users to: See how many people opened their email (e.g. 71% of recipients opened your message) See how many people clicked on a link within their email See if their email failed to reach anyone and why See specifically who opened their email and/or clicked a link in their email We think these statistics are important for a number of reasons. First off, they can help you create more engaging emails that help better...

8 Tips for Creating Great End of Year Tax Statements in Breeze

Posted by Jon VerLee on December 31, 2016


For everyone involved with receiving donations at a church the new year means it's time to send out end of year contribution statements.  We thought a quick post sharing how to create these statements (for new churches) and offering a refresher (for veteran churches) would be useful. Note: If you haven't already, we highly recommend reading How to Make an Awesome (or Terrible) End of Year Donation Receipt before continuing.  This article explains how statements aren't just a legal document but...

Contribution Statement Templates

Posted by Jon VerLee on December 30, 2016


We're excited to announce the addition of contribution statement templates.  While you've always been able to customize how the statements appear, we've added in some pre-formatted templates that match what churches are most typically looking for.  You can now select the template that most closely matches your desired appearance, tweak it slightly, and you're done.  Here's a video showing how to select one of the provided templates.   You can also find contribution statement templates in our...

5 Questions Churches Ask Us About Our Price

Posted by Jon VerLee on December 15, 2015


From time to time churches who are investigating using Breeze for their church management software will ask us about our price.  One of our top values is ease-of-use and we aim for this to not only apply to using Breeze but also to our pricing.  As a result, our pricing is simply: $50 per month No set up fees No termination fees Cancel anytime Unlimited people Unlimited users All features included When churches read this a few questions may pop into their mind.  Depending on what the church is...

Online Giving by Breeze

Posted by Jon VerLee on December 1, 2015


We're thrilled to announce our latest update - "Online Giving" offered by Breeze.   While historically we've supported third party giving platforms (like PayPal and Stripe), we're now offering our own online giving solution completely integrated into Breeze.  Some of the major benefits we see this bringing are: No additional monthly fees (just like our other updates, it's already included) Completely integrated into Breeze making it extremely easy to manage Credit & Debit Card...

Google Calendar Integration, Calendars for Members, & More

Posted by Jon VerLee on November 24, 2015


We're excited to announce some major improvements to the "Events" section of Breeze.  Historically our events section has related primarily to check in and attendance tracking and while those features are still there, we've added in additional options to make the events section a more powerful tool for scheduling and event organization.  Our updates are listed below. Google Calendar Integration (and Outlook, Apple, & Others) Breeze now supports integration with third party calendars, such as...

How to Get Returning Visitors: Check Your Kids Ministry

Posted by Jayson Bradley on November 16, 2015


One of the topics that most frequently comes up when talking to churches that are considering Breeze is how to help new visitors connect with their church.  Churches are very interested in making this process as smooth as possible and rightly so; it ties very closely to Jesus' words to make disciples. A few months ago I (Jon) had the privilege of connecting with Jeffrey Kranz who works in the church and non-profit marketing space.  We got to talking about this issue and he thought that Jayson...

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