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Customize your Payment Methods

Posted by Jon VerLee on June 8, 2015


When tracking contributions, you're now able to add new payment methods to associate with gifts. Previously there were a few standard options such as check, cash, credit card, as well as a few others. With this update, you're able to add anything you'd like such as "PayPal", "Western Union", or "Carrier Pigeon". In all seriousness we think this will provide some great flexibility for those of you who wish to use methods beyond the default options. You can add new methods, delete methods, or...

Add Person when Adding Contributions

Posted by Jon VerLee on June 3, 2015


Breeze now allows users to add new people into the database directly from the "Add Contributions" page. This means that when a person donates who is not already in Breeze, users do not need to leave the contributions section in order to add them in. Everything can be done in one place, speeding up the entry time for recording contributions. When searching for a person on the contributions page, if no one is found a prompt will be displayed asking the user if they'd like to add a new person (see...

Online Contributions Auto Assigned to People

Posted by Jon VerLee on June 2, 2015


For churches using our integrated Stripe or PayPal options to receive online donations or collect online form payments, life just got easier. Up until now many of these contributions would need to be manually assigned to their corresponding profile so that the donor received credit for their donation. This step was an effort to make sure the correct person was credited as giving the gift, especially in the case of multiple people sharing the same name. For a little while now we've thought we...

Select Grade Promotion Date

Posted by Jon VerLee on May 27, 2015


As school winds down, students everywhere will be toting a new grade level. Second graders will be in 3rd grade, 8th graders will make the scary transition into high school, and high school seniors will be throwing their caps in the air. Breeze automatically promotes students to the next grade over the summer. Until now, users did not have control over when this promotion would occur. We've updated Breeze to give you greater control of when this promotion occurs. The default date is now June 15...

The World Map of Christian Apps

Posted by Jon VerLee on May 1, 2015


There's a lot of tools out there for ministry leaders to utilize; sometimes there's so many choices it can be dizzying and you're not quite sure where to start.  Jeffrey Kranz over at Disciplr released a clever way to look through the options in the form of a world map.  We've included the graphic below and you can click here to see the full post.   Courtesy of: Disciplr

3 Customer Service Lessons for Your Church

Posted by Jon VerLee on April 23, 2015


This week we've guest posted on Capterra's Church Management blog.  Our post is all about the lesson's we've learned about customer service and how they can help your church.  You can check out our post on their blog here.

Chrome Update breaks Check In Printing (& How to Fix It)

Posted by Jon VerLee on April 17, 2015


Update: Thanks to an upgraded version of the DYMO software, this is no longer an issue. Check in now works fine in Chrome in addition to the other major browsers. This week Google updated the Chrome browser to version 42.  Unfortunately this upgrade has a setting turned off by default that the DYMO Printers need in order to print.  Fortunately, it's an easy fix. If you're using Google Chrome to check people in and print out labels, you must perform this update in order for labels to continue...


Posted by Jon VerLee on April 14, 2015


  Today we're extremely excited to announce the full release of "Forms".  Create registration pages, accept payments, ask for RSVPs, and so much more.  Great for mission trip sign ups, conference registrations, women's and men's retreats, small group sign ups, class sign ups, children's ministry registration, and the list goes on.  Forms allows you to create a form and share it with whomever you'd like - all with the click of just a couple of buttons.  These features are now available on your...

Easy Member Access

Posted by Jon VerLee on March 27, 2015


  We're excited to announce one of our latest updates which makes inviting members to create their own accounts extremely simple.  Allow members to log in to view their giving history, download their giving statements, keep their information up-to-date, and more.  While this was previously available, the former process for giving access to members was more complex than what we were comfortable with. Now, you can simply click "Invite" next to a member's name and they'll receive an email where...

Easy Wireless Printing at Check In

Posted by Jon VerLee on March 16, 2015


We're excited to announce our updated check in system!  Print check in labels from your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or any other mobile device with ease.  Additionally, if you have the same check in page displayed on multiple devices, those devices will stay synced without the need to refresh the page.  Keep reading for more details.   Wireless Printing Our previous process for printing from mobile devices left something to be desired.  It was perfect for network engineers, astrophysicists,...

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