View Pledges from within a Profile

A new update is now live which allows users (who have permission) to view a person’s pledge information from within that person’s profile. Here’s a quick video showing how it works:


Previously users would need to navigate to the pledges section and look at the list of everyone’s pledges all at once.  While in many cases this is helpful, when a user just wants to view the pledge information for a single individual or family, this approach isn’t quite as quick as we’d like.

We’ve updated this so that the giving section of an individual’s profile contains not only their giving history but also their pledge information, including how much they’ve paid towards a given pledge and how much remains.

This information is available for administrative users as well as for members viewing their own profile (if you allow your members to log in and view this information).

We hope this allows you to more quickly access the information you need as well as provide your members with valuable data on the progress of what they’ve pledged to give.

(You may also be interested in sending out statements to people by email or mail showing how much they’ve pledged.  You can do this by customizing the giving statements to include this information.  More information on how to customize giving statements can be found here.)

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