Careers at Breeze

Join our team. Change the world.

We're a remote team, working all across the United States, passionate about seeing the Church thrive and more people find and follow Jesus.

We try to embody these core values with every customer and peer interaction we have. 

  1. Hustle | Your drive and tenacity to get things done is unstoppable. You struggle sleeping when projects are half-finished. You can’t focus on anything else when you haven’t completed a task. You’ll do whatever it takes to cross the finish line.
  2. Resourceful | When you don’t know an answer, you know how to find it. When there’s not a solution, you make a solution. You have the creativity it takes to find a way to get the job done.
  3. Social Savant | You’re great with people. You can empathize and connect with them on a relational level. Your emotional intelligence is spot on, allowing you to know exactly when to open your mouth and when to close it and simply open your ears.
  4. Servant-Minded | Your focus is on making others successful. You're not worried about who gets the credit. You're humble and able to admit and take responsibility when you drop the ball, learning from the experience to improve next time.

Sales & Support

Our Sales & Support team helps churches decide if Breeze is the right fit for them as well as support churches who are using Breeze. And, when a new customer wants to migrate data over to Breeze, we help them do just that.



Our engineering team writes elegant and efficient code to bring features to life that help churches care for the people connected to them.



Our product team dreams about making good products and features for churches; through beautiful and intuitive designs we vision what could be.


General & Administrative

Our General & Administrative team focuses on making Breeze a great place to work and handles all financial matters pointed toward longevity.



Our Marketing team keeps a pulse on the true value Breeze offers churches, communicating that value both internally and externally.

Work Remotely

We are a fully distributed team spread out all around the United States and we love it that way. Every one of our team members works from their home, a coffee shop, their local library, or whatever environment works best for them. Take a listen to this Running Remote podcast as our Founder, Jon VerLee, shares who we are as a company and what it’s like to be part of the Breeze team.


Love What You Do

Our team is passionate about seeing the Church thrive. We want to equip the Church to help more people find and follow Jesus. And we work hard to make this a reality.


Love your Team

Relationships are important to us. We put a huge emphasis on connecting with each other via Slack and video meetings, sharing significant life events, and enjoying time together on our annual retreat.



Health insurance, dental, flexibility, paid time off, career development and more. We believe taking care of our team is important and want to be sure you have what you need.