Automate Tasks and Follow Ups

Automations in Breeze allows you to automate common tasks so you spend less time on administrative work. Automatically assign people into specific groups, send birthday emails to members on their special day, implement follow-up tasks to increase staff efficiency, and more.

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Automate Tasks

Automated Follow Ups help keep your staff and volunteers organized by ensuring they know what needs to get done. Your church can create as many customized follow-Up flows as needed, and best of all, they’re easy to set up!


New Visitor Follow Ups

Ensure new visitors to your church don’t fall through the cracks. Easily set up a series of automated follow-up tasks for your staff or volunteers to connect with them, send them more information about your church, or invite them to a welcome event. Customize the flow to meet your church’s needs!


Birthday Emails

Ensure your people feel cared for by sending them a birthday message on their special day. Create as many customized birthday messages as you’d like, and even set who each email comes from. (Send youth a message from the Youth Pastor, a small group attender a message from the group leader, etc.)


Automatically Group People with Smart Tags

Manually adding people to lists can be a lot of work and people could easily get missed. Using Smart Tags you can automatically assign people matching specific criteria into groups or “Tags”, making organization, follow-up, and communication a breeze!


Assign Form Respondents to a Group

When someone fills out a specific form for your church, have Breeze automatically assign them to a group or “Tag” within your account. As an example, if someone fills out a VBS sign up form, automatically include them in your VBS Tag within your account.


Automated School Grade Promotions

Set what date you’d like your school grade children to promote to the next grade in your Breeze account. Doing so will automatically move those children to Tags you’ve set up for their new grade. It makes for a great set it and forget it automation with one less task for you to think about!

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We are in full production with Breeze

We switched from a major, web-based ChMS to Breeze and our decision is confirmed every day. We are a medium size church and we use Breeze for contributions, member management, event checkin and a few other applications custom to our church. I had trouble getting any staff to use our previous ChMS but almost all staff are using Breeze. The product is very well designed, extremely easy to learn and use and customer service is incredible.

Ed R.