Looking to make the switch to Breeze or one of the other Servant Keeper competitors?

We'd love to make the decision as easy as possible and so we've put together some information comparing Breeze with Servant Keeper church software. Below we've included topics ranging from features to customer support to philosophy on how Servant Keeper compares to Breeze.

While this church management software comparison contains our opinions and bias, we truly are convinced that we're able to serve small and mid-sized churches really well and we hope compiling and sharing this list is helpful as you evaluate both options.

What is Breeze Software?

Breeze is a cloud-based church management software that helps churches to save time and become more efficient with tools for managing people, workflows, donations, and more.

1. Breeze is web-based and does not require installed software

Servant Keeper is an application that gets installed onto a computer and is not truly a web-based solution. This is true of both their desktop and cloud-based offerings. While this might not seem like a significant point, it has major implications.


Over the last decade software has been making the leap to being web-based (i.e. can be accessed through a web browser like Chrome, FireFox, or Internet Explorer). Microsoft, Google, and nearly every other major tech company as well as almost all the leaders in the church management software space have made the switch to web-based software.

The main benefits of Breeze being web-based are:

  • You can access Breeze from any device such as your Windows desktop, your MacBook, your iPhone, your iPad, your Android device, your Kindle... anything with a web browser.
  • You are always running the latest version of the software - you never need to upgrade because we keep you up-to-date.
  • You can have as many people as you'd like accessing Breeze from their own devices at the same time (opposed to Servant Keeper who charges more for having the software installed on additional machines)

We would recommend, even if you don't end up choosing Breeze, to highly consider a web-based software as your church will almost certainly be better served by this more modern approach.

In fact we've written a separate article recommending different church management software options in which we only recommend going with Servant Keeper if you require your software to operate offline.

2. Support is included with Breeze

We're a team of people who have experience running churches, working in churches, volunteering at churches, and supporting churches and we're passionate about seeing churches succeed.

We also assume that most small and mid-sized churches don't have an IT person on staff. As a result we see our role as being the IT department for the churches we serve, at least in the scope of Breeze.

While Servant Keeper offers support, it comes at a steep cost and is more expensive if you have more Servant Keeper licenses.

For small and mid-sized churches, these extra (sometimes unforeseen) costs can be crippling.

In contrast, we take the opposite approach as we believe these services shouldn't be extra, they should be included. There's no additional cost for support with Breeze.

Anyone at your church can call us or email us with questions whenever you'd like. We have no additional fees for support or consulting and would be happy to help. We also offer training, webinars, coaching, importing of data - whatever you need, at no additional cost. Our passion is to see churches succeed.

With our team's church leadership experience combined with our technical knowledge of Breeze, churches can call or email us with specific technical questions like:

Or broader best practice questions such as:

No matter the question, we'll be happy to help!

We also run a blog helping churches simplify and streamline their processes which can be really useful in helping churches take the next step forward.

3. Breeze is easier to use than Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper, while powerful, has an interface that can be quite overwhelming. By including nearly every option, the result is a user experience that has too many buttons, menus, and dropdowns.

This complexity means that church staff members may not use it or use it very minimally. For example, here's a screenshot of one of Servant Keeper's report screens:


In contrast we have a tremendous focus on simple, elegant, and intuitive designs. These allow users to quickly access the information they need without having to put together complex queries. For example, when looking for certain people, users can just tap on the criteria they'd like to search by and the results will automatically show up.


While the more complicated interface of Servant Keeper may work alright in a large or mega church that has the resources to employ an IT person or IT department, the typical small and mid-sized church has a high value for simplicity and ease of use.

And it's this simplicity that we're really focused on. In fact, this simplicity is one of our core values as you'll see from our product intro video:

By creating interfaces that everyone can use, churches can empower everyone to use the database - staff, volunteers, and members. This takes a significant load off of the administrator by allowing others to use the database. And each user can have different permissions, ensuring they only have access to the appropriate sections.

4. Breeze is more affordable

Servant Keeper currently offers two different pricing plans – $49.99 and $99.99 per month. The $49.00 per month plan, allows up to 100 families tracked in the system. The $99.00 plan allows for unlimited family tracking. Both plans require a mandatory $550 upfront site license. 

Email and texting are not included in the monthly cost and will run you $12 to $324.95 extra per month depending on the plan you choose. 

While Servant Keeper’s pricing can get expensive quickly, with Breeze, we believe in one simple price to make church management software accessible for any size church.

At just $72 per month, Breeze includes support, it is web-based so your data lives in the cloud, there is no installation cost, and you can cancel anytime.

We'll even import your data in from another program at no additional cost. It doesn't matter how big your church is, how many people are in your database, or how many users you have accessing Breeze. 

As we strive to serve all churches, we find that the simple pricing of $72 per month makes sense for most churches. We don't have additional charges for training, consulting, or importing data.

We find this to make sense internally as well, giving us the revenue to continue making great improvements that churches love while also providing top-notch support.

You can find more information on why we've priced Breeze this way by checking out our article on five questions churches ask us about our price.

5. We'll Move You In for No Additional Cost

Currently using another church management system?

We'd love to transfer your key data into Breeze.

There's no additional cost for this and it allows you to hit the ground running.

While Servant Keeper allows churches to import data in, churches are left to navigate the import tools themselves.

For small and mid-sized churches that may not have an IT person, this can be a daunting task. Furthermore, if this process doesn't go well, it can be devastating for the long-term effectiveness of the database as a database is only as good as the data that's in it.

Because of how critical this step is to get right, we're happy to do it for you.

One of our import specialists can access the program you're currently using to get the data (or receive a file you send us), turn around and then import that data into your Breeze account. And there's no additional charge for any of this.

And for those who are technically inclined and would prefer, you're able to do the same import yourself.

We love helping churches get moved in quickly not to mention ratings like this:

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software advice review

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