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Questions about Breeze™ Pricing

For more questions, visit our FAQ page

What is a church website builder?

A church website builder is a specialized tool or platform designed to help church leaders create and manage their own websites. The best website builders come with features and church website templates tailored to the needs of a range of churches.

What is the best website builder for churches?

The best website builder for churches will be specifically designed to address the needs of church leaders and their organizations. An easy church website builder–like Tithely's drag and drop editor–will make it intuitive to build both a simple church website and a more advanced site. Finally, the best church website builders will have an amazing support team that can address any questions that arise.

Are church website builders different from regular website builders?

While the core functionalities are similar, church website builders often come with relevant features specific to the needs of churches, such as sermon archives, event calendars, donation integrations, and member directories. Other features might include a feed for highlighting social media channels, blogging tools, and SEO tools.

How much does it cost to use a church website builder?

The cost varies depending on the platform. Some offer free basic church plans with the option to upgrade for additional features, while others may have monthly or annual subscription fees. Still, others may offer a free trial so that you can try out a website for your church without any obligation. It's important to compare features and pricing to find the best fit for your church's budget and needs.Free plans, while tempting, may not be the best bet for church websites. Typically, paid plans will offer all the features that churches need in a church website. A free church website builder may only have limited features.

Do I need any technical skills to use a church website builder?

No, most church website builders are designed to be user-friendly, allowing individuals without technical expertise to create and manage a website. They typically offer drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-designed templates.

Can I integrate online donations with these builders?

Yes, many church website builders offer integration with online donation platforms or have built-in donation features to facilitate tithes, offerings, and other financial contributions.

Are the websites created with these builders mobile-responsive?

Most modern church website builders ensure that the websites created are mobile-responsive, meaning they'll look and function well on smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Can I upload sermons and other media content?

Absolutely. Many church website builders offer media libraries or integrations that allow you to upload, store, and share sermons, videos, music, and other media content.

How secure are church website builders?

Reputable church website builders prioritize security, offering features like SSL certificates, regular backups, and secure hosting. However, always review the security features and practices of any platform you're considering.

Can I customize the design of my church website?

Yes, while many builders offer pre-designed templates, they also allow for customization in terms of colors, fonts, layouts, and other design elements to ensure your website aligns with your church's branding and vision.

How do I choose the best church website builder for my needs?

Consider your church's specific needs, budget, and the level of customization you desire. Look for user reviews, try out free trials if available, and compare features across different platforms to make an informed decision.

Can I transfer my existing church website to a new builder?

While you can't directly "transfer" a website, many builders offer tools or services to help you migrate content from an existing site. It's essential to check with the specific builder about their migration support.Remember, the goal is to find a platform that aligns with your church's mission and helps you effectively communicate and connect with your congregation and the broader community.

Are there any limitations on website traffic or storage with church website builders?

Different builders have varying limits on monthly website traffic, storage capacity, unlimited pages, and media uploads. It's essential to check the specifics of each plan to ensure it meets your church's needs, especially if you plan to host a lot of media content or expect high website traffic.

Can we integrate our church's social media accounts with the website?

Yes, most church website builders allow for easy integration of social media accounts. This means you can display your latest posts, create shareable content, and provide visitors with quick links to your social media profiles.

How do church website builders handle updates and upgrades?

Most website builders are cloud-based, meaning they handle updates and upgrades automatically. This ensures that your website benefits from the latest features, security patches, and performance improvements without any manual intervention.

Can multiple team members manage the website?

Yes, many church website builders support multi-user access and user accounts. This allows different team members or volunteers to have specific roles, such as content editors, administrators, or media managers, ensuring smooth website operations and content updates.

Do other church website builders also offer support or training?

Most reputable website builders provide customer support through various channels like email, chat, or phone. Additionally, they often have extensive online resources, tutorials, and training sessions to help users make the most of their platform.

Do I have to use all the Church App features?

Nope! You can use the specific combination of features that work for you and your church community.

How easy is it to change the information on a Church App?

Very easy! Our drag-and-drop editor make it simple to change up your home screen, alter information about upcoming events and services, showcase a new sermon series, highlight a particular ministry, or emphasize a new online giving campaign. You can also change up your church's logo as needed!

How do I download the Church App?

Your custom app will be available on the app store, accessible to anyone with a smartphone or tablet.

What do most churches use the Church App for?

Most churches will use the Church App to connect with their congregation by making it easy to listen to messages, sermons or podcasts, register for upcoming events, engage in online giving, and more.

Is the Church App available only on my phone?

The Church App can be accessed on a mobile phone or tablet. Church members who rely mainly on their desktop or laptop computers can visit your website instead to learn about events and connect with community.

Do I need to hire a developer for my Church App or Website?

Nope! No developer required. Our team will take care of development and data migration for you. Just connect with us and we'll do the heavy lifting.

Can I read the Bible on my mobile app?

Yes! Our Church App offers an in-app Bible so that you can connect with God and learn from the Scriptures anytime, anywhere.

Why is your price so high?

Other churches find themselves at the opposite end of the spectrum, wishing Breeze would fit into their budget a bit easier. We’re not the lowest-cost option (nor do we strive to be), and occasionally we’ll have a church ask us if there are discounts available, specifically if they are a smaller church and $72 per month seems a bit steep from their perspective. While we certainly don’t blame anyone for asking (hey, we probably would too!), we don’t offer discounts because ultimately our goal is to provide an amazing platform for churches to do effective ministry, not to be the second-rate cheaper product sitting on a sales shelf.

There’s three areas we specifically want to provide amazing value (i.e. reasons why we don’t reduce our price point):

  1. Continued Updates: We update Breeze dozens of times each month. We’re constantly listening to user’s feedback, wrestling with how to implement certain ideas, and trying to prioritize what will help churches the most.
  2. Incredible Customer Support: While we’ve designed Breeze to be as easy-to-use as possible, we recognize that sometimes churches really like to just pick up the phone and have a conversation or shoot over an email. We strive to provide top-notch customer service, whether it’s talking through a certain goal you’d like to achieve or working to understand a certain aspect of Breeze, we’re here to help.
  3. Rock Solid Infrastructure: We know access to your data when you need it is important and so we monitor site performance and update when necessary to ensure things are humming along smoothly.

Whether you’re a small church with a few dozen families or your pastor’s name is Andy Stanley, you’re getting the same great updates, high quality customer service, and solid hosting to ensure a fantastic experience.

Why is your price so low?

Larger churches will occasionally ask why our price is so low. Typically they’ve been paying thousands of dollars per year for their current solution yet when they compare features, Breeze does everything they need. It leaves them wondering if this is too good to be true or if they’re missing something.

This is an understandable concern – churches want to make sure they’re getting a solution that will help them do ministry well, not just give them a good deal.

There’s three main reasons that Breeze is priced how it is:

  1. We’re trying to serve small and mid-sized churches: For the typical small to mid-sized church, $72 per month makes a lot of sense. We’ve tried to price Breeze then for a budget that fits the churches we’re aiming to serve. Churches with a weekend attendance under 100 may look at the price and say they think they can swing it, while to churches of several hundred look at the price and say that it’s very reasonable. This is the tension we want to live in.
  2. A database is just a database: At the end of the day, Breeze operates the same way whether a church has 300 people or 3,000 people in its database. Our overhead isn’t significantly larger for a bigger church. This allows us to offer the same price to everyone.
  3. Freedom: We think there is tremendous value in a flat monthly fee (opposed to charging more for larger churches) as it frees churches to use Breeze how they want to. They don’t have to worry about going over any limits or establishing internal restrictions for adding new people to the database so they don’t exceed a cap. Instead churches can use the database however they’d like, without concerns of bumping into a higher tier.

If you’re asking why our price is so low, chances are you’re a larger church thinking about price from a tiered perspective. We’d invite you into an alternate way of seeing this as we believe the flat monthly fee is a model that gives greater freedom for how you budget and how you operate your database.

Will you really import our data for free?

Absolutely, there’s no additional cost for importing your data. We can import from an alternate church management system (like Church Community Builder, Fellowship One, Shelby, etc.) or from a less official system you’ve been using (like Excel, Google Docs, etc). We offer this for two reasons:

  1. It helps churches: Our heart is to see churches be able to share Christ’s love with the world and to create more and better followers of Jesus. Having us move your data in and get you up and running quickly means you can spend your time doing more important things than formatting an Excel file or figuring out how to export data from your current software. Additionally, this is something we do all the time and so chances are we’d be able to do it in a fraction of the time it would take churches, saving you time.
  2. It makes business sense: Additionally, we see this as making a great deal of business sense. People stick with products that they’ve experienced success with. If we’re able to import data so churches can more quickly have this “success moment” (be that communicating with people, creating a member directory, child check in, or whatever other goal Breeze helps them accomplish), it’s more likely that the church will stick with Breeze for the long-term. We’d rather go above and beyond up front so that churches can experience success with Breeze for years to come.

What are the extra and hidden fees?

Nothing. Zilch. Nada. When we say easy pricing, we mean it.

In fact, the only way you can bump your bill above $72 per month is if you send more text messages than the default limit, or through transaction fees when using online giving. Other than that, you can’t pay us more even if you wanted to :).

Simply put, we love intuitive, easy, and straight-forward systems and strive to communicate that in everything we do, including our pricing.

Join 10,000+ happy churches using Breeze ChMS™.

loves Breeze

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Try a demo of Breeze for yourself!
loves Breeze

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Try a demo of Breeze for yourself!
loves Breeze

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Try a demo of Breeze for yourself!
David P.
loves Breeze
St. Pauls United Methodist Church

Breeze has been incredible. Their customer service, commitment to innovation, and their product are top-notch. I love the features, the ease of use and the mobile applications.

Try a demo of Breeze for yourself!
Karen M.
loves Breeze
Hillcrest Church

All of our database needs have been more than met, it's easier to use than the last database we had, and the price is amazing - what a value this has been to our church! All of our staff can use this software and they do regularly. We use it to track…literally anything a church could possibly need to track regarding it's attenders.

Try a demo of Breeze for yourself!
Chris K.
loves Breeze
Crossroads United Methodist Church

Breeze has been a great asset to our church and congregation. Especially from an administrative standpoint, it has been the most adaptable and easiest church database I have ever used. The features from blast emails to giving on-line, and texting have been one of our greatest assets. Thank you!

Try a demo of Breeze for yourself!
Ed R.
loves Breeze
Church Admin

We switched from a major, web-based ChMS to Breeze and our decision is confirmed every day. We are a medium size church and we use Breeze for contributions, member management, event checkin and a few other applications custom to our church. I had trouble getting any staff to use our previous ChMS but almost all staff are using Breeze. The product is very well designed, extremely easy to learn and use and customer service is incredible.

Try a demo of Breeze for yourself!
Ellen G.
loves Breeze
Grace Church

Breeze has opened the communication highway for our congregation and staff, with very little training. Because members can update their own records and search easily for other members - and map their locations, send emails and text right from Breeze, they love it and our data is more real-time accurate. Our ministries are stronger, because they can trust the data in Breeze, which is easily accessed anywhere, anytime.

Try a demo of Breeze for yourself!
Steve H.
loves Breeze
First Presbyterian Church of Ramsey

Breeze is the first ChMS my volunteers have actually embraced. That's because it's so easy to use. The software is very flexible and gives us the opportunity to make decisions based on actual data we've collected and not just hunches or stories we believe to be true.

Try a demo of Breeze for yourself!
Allicia B.
loves Breeze
Ellel Ministries Canada

I cannot say enough about Breeze. Their customer service is so friendly, you feel like you have friends and family helping you get started, they're prompt to reply and will do whatever they can to help you get things sorted out. It's been so easy to learn, our staff is loving it and best of all even our staff who are not computer savvy find it a breeze (pun intended). We are just thrilled by our choice.

Try a demo of Breeze for yourself!
Kevin D.
loves Breeze
Central Baptist Church

From the start of our process looking for an online solution, Breeze has exceeded all our expectations. Fast data import, fast and friendly customer support, and we can’t say enough about how much we like the program itself. Very well designed and user friendly. On a scale of 1-10, Breeze gets a 15 from us!

Try a demo of Breeze for yourself!

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