Allow Recipients to Reply-All to your Breeze Emails

We’re excited to announce a new option allowing users to send emails to recipients as “Bcc” or “To”.

Historically Breeze has sent all emails as bcc (blind carbon copy) so that recipients cannot see who else the message was sent to. While generally this is the most desirable behavior, there are times when users want recipients to see who else the message was sent to so that those recipients can reply-all to the message. This is especially true when emailing a small group or committee where group email discussion would be helpful.

While the default will remain set to bcc, users now have the option to switch how Breeze sends emails over to “to” instead of “bcc”. Here’s a quick video showing how to do so.


For more details, view our documentation on the topic. We hope this serves you well and allows you to have even better communication among groups.

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