Automatically Send Customized Birthday Emails

Don’t miss the opportunity to send birthday wishes ever again!

With Automated Tasks, you can now have a customized happy birthday message automatically emailed to people on their birthday. You’ll format it just like an email so you can include a customized message, a fun birthday image, links to your website, and more!

Setting up Birthday Emails is a breeze:

  1. Go to More > Tasks > Automated Tasks
  2. Click Add Task
  3. Select Birthday Email
  4. Select the Send To options by choosing either everyone in your database or a selection of tags
  5. Choose who the message should send from (any user in the system is eligible to be the sender regardless of permissions)
  6. Make your subject line (default is “Happy Birthday!”)
  7. Change the content to what you’d like it to read
  8. Click Add Task

The task will run each morning at 9am (local time), emailing each person who has a birthday that day.

You can customize birthday emails for different groups in your church. For example, you can set up kid’s birthday emails to come from the children’s director, or women’s birthday emails from the women’s ministry leader.

Because you can filter by tag, it’s so easy to designate who should receive a birthday email from specific leaders at your church! We hope this feature will help you stay more connected to the people connected to your church.

For a complete overview of the Birthday Email Automated Task, check out our help center.

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