16 Best Church Bulletin Ideas with Free Samples

In this blog post, we will share 16 of the best church bulletin ideas, complete with free samples to kickstart your creativity. These ideas are designed to enhance communication, foster a sense of belonging, and uplift the spiritual life of everyone involved.

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Crafting an engaging church bulletin is a unique challenge that requires creativity, inspiration, and a deep understanding of your congregation's needs. Whether you're looking to refresh your bulletin's design, add meaningful content, or make it more accessible to your parishioners, finding the right ideas can make all the difference.

In this blog post, we will share 16 of the best church bulletin ideas, complete with free samples to kickstart your creativity.

These ideas are designed to enhance communication, foster a sense of belonging, and uplift the spiritual life of everyone involved.

What Is A Church Bulletin?

First, let's make sure we're all on the same page regarding exactly what a church bulletin is. A church bulletin is a weekly or monthly publication distributed to members of the church congregation. It typically contains important information such as upcoming events, announcements, sermon notes, and other relevant information for the week.

Why Are Church Bulletins Important?

Church bulletins serve as a vital communication tool within the church community. They help keep members informed about important events and provide a sense of connectedness among the congregation. They also serve as a way to share important announcements and updates, as well as provide spiritual guidance through sermon notes and scriptures.

What's more, church bulletins serve as a first touchpoint for visitors to your church, giving them a sense of what's to come in the service and what the church life looks like.

How To Create An Effective Church Bulletin

Creating an effective church bulletin requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here are some tips for creating an impactful bulletin:

Start With A Clear Layout

Make sure the layout is clean, organized, and easy to read. Use headings and subheadings to break up the information and use bullet points or numbered lists for important announcements.

Where appropriate, use visuals to break up the text and direct people's attention to the most important parts of the bulletin. For example, you might include a photo of the guest speaker or musical performance for that week.

Focus On Simplicity

As much as possible, keep your church bulletin simple, focused, and to the point. If you include too much information, it can overwhelm readers and make it harder for them to find the most important information. Stick to the essentials and avoid clutter.

To determine whether you should include something in your church bulletin, ask yourself:

  • Is this more important than other items in the bulletin?
  • What are the consequences of not including this in the bulletin?
  • Is there another method or platform that would be more effective for sharing this information?

By keeping things simple and streamlined, you can create a bulletin that is easy to read and navigate, making it more likely that people will engage with the content.

Include Relevant Information

Include information on upcoming events, important announcements, and any changes to regular services. These could include:

  • Upcoming sermon series or guest speakers
  • Special events or programs (e.g., holiday services, community outreach events)
  • Changes to service times or locations
  • Youth meetings
  • Small group meetings
  • Guest speakers

Be sure to include contact information for those interested in learning more or getting involved.

Include Spiritual Content

Church bulletins should also have a spiritual focus. This could include:

  • Sermon notes and scriptures for the week's message
  • Devotional or inspirational quotes
  • Prayer requests and praises

By including spiritual content, you are providing a tool for members to engage in worship beyond the walls of the church.

Encourage Participation

Another key element to include in your church bulletin is a section that encourages participation from the congregation.

This could be a call to action for volunteers for upcoming church events, opportunities to join church groups or ministries, or invitations to bible study sessions. Highlighting these opportunities not only fills the needs of your church but also fosters a more engaged and active community.

If you are organizing church events, consider using software like Breeze to aid you in the process. With Breeze, you can easily schedule events, accept registration forms, invite and schedule volunteers, and much more.

Focus on Welcome and Inclusion

Remember to dedicate a portion of your bulletin to welcoming newcomers. A short, warm greeting can make visitors feel more comfortable and encourage them to return.

It's also beneficial to include information about the church's vision, mission, and values, as well as any newcomer meetings or greeting activities.

This emphasis on inclusion makes new attendees feel at home. It also reiterates the church's welcoming spirit to all members of the congregation.

Include The Service's Liturgy

If you are in a church with a liturgical tradition, it is important to include the order of service for that week.

This helps attendees follow along and actively participate in the service. It also serves as a guide for first-time visitors who may not be familiar with the liturgy.

Examples of what you might put into the liturgy include:

  • Call to worship
  • Hymns or songs
  • Scripture readings
  • Sermon title and passage
  • Offering information

Share Testimonies or Inspirational Messages

Consider including testimonies from members of the congregation or inspirational messages written by church leaders. These personal stories can be powerful tools for encouraging and uplifting others.

They also serve as a reminder of the impact that the church has on its members' lives.

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Promote Volunteer Opportunities

Use your bulletin to promote any current or upcoming volunteer opportunities within the church. This not only encourages members to get involved but also highlights the various ministries and initiatives that the church offers.

Make sure to include the contact information for the person in charge of each opportunity so that interested individuals can easily get involved.

Highlight Community Outreach Efforts

Many churches have various community outreach initiatives, such as food drives or volunteer projects. Use your bulletin to share information about these efforts and encourage members to participate.

Doing so helps those in need and also promotes a sense of unity and service within the congregation.

Include Giving Information

Most churches rely heavily on the tithes and offerings of church members. In light of this, make sure to include all the different ways that people can give to your church. This could include:

  • Online giving
  • Text to give
  • Mobile app
  • Mail-in options
  • In-person during services
  • QR codes
  • Giving kiosks

Providing various giving options makes it convenient for people to give and shows that the church is modern and technologically savvy. Consider including a brief message about the importance of giving and how it supports the mission and vision of the church.

Go Digital

In addition to creating a physical bulletin, consider also creating a digital version. This could be in the form of a PDF or an online bulletin on the church's website.

Having a digital version allows members to access it easily, even if they forget their physical copy. It also opens up opportunities for members who are not physically present at the service, such as those who are traveling or sick, to still stay connected with the church community.

Promote Social Media Profiles

If your church is active on social media, make sure to include links to your profiles in the bulletin. This allows members to stay updated on church events and activities throughout the week. It also provides an opportunity for them to share content with their own social networks, potentially reaching a wider audience.

Consider highlighting specific hashtags or accounts that members can follow for more specific information, such as youth group or women's ministry pages.

Highlight Church Members

Depending on the size of your church, you may be able to highlight different church members every week. This could be in the form of a short bio or testimony, showcasing the diversity and community within your church.

This not only helps members get to know each other better, but it also creates a sense of belonging and connection within the congregation. It can also serve as a way to promote different ministries and events that members may be involved in.

Educational Resources

Consider including educational resources in the bulletin, such as Bible study guides or recommended reading for spiritual growth. This can encourage members to continue their faith journey outside of Sunday services and provide them with useful tools for personal growth.

Supplement With Video

One of the best ways to reinforce what you've said in your bulletin is to supplement it with a video. This could be a short clip of your pastor discussing the main points or a summary of upcoming events.

Videos are engaging and can help reinforce important information in a visual way. They also provide an opportunity for members who may have missed the service to still receive important updates and messages from the church.

Bulletin Mistakes To Avoid

Now that you know what should go into your bulletin, let's talk about common mistakes that should be avoided.

First, avoid filling up all the blank space in your church bulletin. While it's important to include necessary information, overcrowding the bulletin can be overwhelming and may cause people to miss important details.

Additionally, make sure to proofread your bulletin before printing. Spelling mistakes or incorrect information can reflect poorly on your church and cause confusion for members.

Also, avoid using jargon or overly complicated language in your bulletin. Remember that not everyone may be familiar with certain religious terms or phrases, so it's important to use language that is easily understandable for all members.

What's more, never share someone's private information without their express consent. For example, you may want to celebrate a new member joining your church, but make sure to get their permission before sharing their name or personal story in the bulletin.

Lastly, avoid using stock images or clip art in your bulletin. These can come across as generic and unpersonalized. Instead, include photos of real members participating in church events or volunteering. This will help create a stronger sense of community and connection.

Church Bulletin Examples

We’ve gone over the dos and don'ts of church bulletins. Now let’s look at a few good examples of church bulletins. 

Example 1: River of Life Church

This bulletin from River of Life Church is a good example of a well-designed church bulletin. Note the generous use of whitespace, striking visuals, and spacious design. It really is an example of using white space perfectly.

Example 2: The Waters Church

This second example from The Waters Church is a great example of packing a lot of information into a relatively small amount of space without overcrowding the church bulletin. 

Notice that they have their mission statement right under the name of the church. Also, notice the inclusion of a picture of the church’s pastor along with his contact information. This is a way of making the church bulletin feel more personal and down to earth. 

Example 3: River City Church

This church bulletin from River City Church is another example of putting a lot of info into a small amount of real estate. Notice their dedicated prayer section, as well as the lengthy welcome message from the church pastor. Notice as well the four ways to give that are listed. This gives attendees multiple ways to give, increasing the odds that people will give. 

Final Thoughts

Creating an effective and meaningful church bulletin requires thoughtfulness and deliberate curation of content. By focusing on what matters most to your congregation, avoiding common pitfalls, and fostering a sense of community through personalized touches, your bulletin can become a valuable resource for all members.

Remember, a well-designed church bulletin not only informs but also inspires and connects your church family. Keep these strategies in mind to ensure your bulletin is a true reflection of your church's spirit and mission.

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