Content Ideas for Your Church’s Social Media Platforms (Part One)

Does your church utilize social media? Here are some content ideas for your church's social medial platforms.

Susanna Fleming

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Have you been struggling with ideas for your church’s social media posts? You're definitely not alone! Many church social media managers juggle multiple responsibilities, and trying to balance ministry duties with the need for a consistent and creative online presence can feel like trying to keep a dozen plates spinning at once!

I’ve been there, and that’s exactly why I’ve compiled a list of creative social media content ideas. Not only will these posts break the monotony, but they will also spark audience engagement and help build your online presence. 

Keep reading to the end of this article for a link to a free Harvest Festival social media resource bundle!

#1 Testimonies + User-Generated Content

Let’s get started with my favorite idea: user-generated content. Simply put, user-generated content is the online version of “word of mouth” marketing. You know when you're scrolling on social media and see people talking about their latest product finds, favorite restaurants, or travel destinations? Companies will often reshare these endorsements on their own social accounts, making use of the content created by their fans. This is a powerful and time-effective form of marketing. Rather than creating content and hoping your audience will share it, encourage your audience to drive the conversation – and then reshare their content! 

Here’s why I really like this idea for churches, specifically. Church communities are built around personal and shared testimonies. In fact, the whole of Christianity is built around a central story: the story of God with humanity! What better kind of content is there to share on your church’s social accounts than the beautiful stories of God working in and through the people in your church?

To pull off this kind of content, encourage your congregation to share their testimonies on social media and tag your church. With their permission, reshare these powerful stories. You can even set up a shoot day at your church in which selected people are invited to come in and film their stories in a lighting and audio-optimized environment. Then, you can distribute the footage so people can post their stories on their own accounts to be reshared later by your church! These testimonies will serve as a powerful reminder to your audience that your church values people – and their stories!

#2 Scriptural Insights + Educational Content

The Bible – as rich and profound as it is – can sometimes feel intimidating. This is an important area where your church’s social media account can help bridge the gap between entertainment and pastoral education. Here are ways you can make the Bible more approachable:

Q&A Sessions: Create a video, host a live stream, or design a graphic that addresses common questions such as:

  • How many books are in the Christian biblical canon?
  • In which languages was the Bible originally written?
  • What is the longest book in the Bible?

Deep Dive Discussions: Choose a specific verse or passage each week and delve into its deeper meanings. Discuss:

  • The historical and cultural context of the passage.
  • The significance of specific words or phrases.
  • Insights into the teachings and how they apply to modern life.

Fun Facts and Trivia: Everyone loves a fun fact! Share tidbits like:

  • The shortest verse in the Bible.
  • How the chapters and verses came to be.
  • Interesting translations and interpretations from over the years.

Engaging, easy-to-digest posts such as this will promote Biblical literacy while also promoting sharing, commenting, and other forms of audience engagement. 

#3 Polls and Audience Surveys

Polls and surveys are one of the best ways to encourage audience engagement. Beyond generating additional clicks and likes, these conversational mechanisms help you better understand the needs and feelings of your congregation. 

After a sermon, try posing questions like, "Which part of today's message resonated with you the most?" or "What questions do you still have about this topic?" These questions will encourage personal reflection and help the sermon extend beyond Sunday. You can also intersperse serious questions with lighter ones, such as "What is your favorite worship song from Sunday?" or "What’s your favorite type of sparkling water to bring to a potluck?" Fun questions like these provide low-pressure ways to get your audience involved in the conversation. 

Surveys can also serve as a helpful feedback mechanism. After events or special services, ask questions like, "What did you enjoy about our Easter service?" or "What was your favorite part of the women’s conference?" This feedback not only guides improvements but showcases a genuine interest in the experiences of your congregation. While quick polls are excellent for on-the-fly engagement, more comprehensive tools like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey can be harnessed when gathering nuanced feedback on significant decisions.

#4 Behind the Scenes (BTS) Content

Authenticity is one of the most highly valued currencies in the world today. This means that your social media audience is not only looking for flashy content. They are also looking for the human side of your church. Offering a behind-the-scenes look will make your church seem more transparent and welcoming. Here are a few ideas to get started: 

Event Set-Up:

Whether it's community outreach, worship practice, or preparations for a church conference, showing the planning and efforts that go behind each event can make the congregation feel more connected. This might even motivate more volunteers!

Daily Church Operations:

Give a BTS look into the office work, maintenance, or even the coffee brewing for Sunday services. This will humanize your church and help your congregation appreciate the mundane yet important activities that keep everything running smoothly.

Meet the Team:

Regular spotlights on the church staff, from the main pastor to the janitors, can create a more intimate community feeling. Share their journey with the church and their favorite scriptures, and make sure to throw in some fun facts!

#5 “On the Street” Interviews

Take your church to the streets - both literally and digitally! Street interviews have recently surged in popularity as a form of social media content. I've seen content creators approach strangers with questions about personal earnings and cultural opinions, as well as fun challenges like running five miles in exchange for a new pair of shoes. Given its popularity and relational nature, this is an ideal form of content for your church to mimic!

Here's a roadmap to get started:

Choose the Right Personality:

Designate a dynamic and approachable church leader or member to spearhead these interviews. Their demeanor can make all the difference in getting genuine and open responses.

Gear Up:

Investing in quality equipment is crucial, as sound clarity can make or break your content. Rode Microphones, known for their portability and compatibility with smartphones, are a great choice for this type of content.

Craft Your Questions:

Have a list of potential questions to guide your sessions. Consider asking about individuals' views on faith in the modern world, their perceptions of the church, their beliefs about Jesus, or their take on current societal issues. Tailor your questions to your church's mission and the message you want to convey.

Engage and Listen:

Beyond just being a content creation strategy, this is a chance to truly listen. It's an opportunity to understand the pulse of your community, along with their fears, hopes, and desires. 

Evangelism with Empathy:

More than just creating content, these sessions can serve as a form of outreach. Approach conversations with empathy and understanding, showcasing the church's genuine interest in people's lives and thoughts.

Time to Get Posting!

Now that you have five fresh content ideas, it’s time to get posting! Don’t be afraid to experiment and see which of these ideas resonate best with your congregation and followers. Looking for more content ideas? Breeze has put together a free social media bundle of Harvest Festival resources! Check it out here

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