Follow Up Progressions

Make work FLOW!

With Follow Up Progressions, you are able to link follow ups together, establishing a shared workflow throughout the office.

No more buried follow ups sitting on the wrong desk.

Follow up progression ensures workflows are completed each and every time.

Do you have member related tasks that are completed in steps? Follow Up Progression allows you to link specified follow ups together, assigning each step to the appropriate staff member.

When one follow up is marked complete another is automatically started, assigning tasks immediately or on a delayed schedule to match your workflow.

Setting Up Your Follow Up Progression

  1. Go to More > Tasks > Automated Tasks
  2. Click Add Task
  3. Select Follow Up Progression
  4. Choose the follow up that you would like to use to trigger another follow up upon its completion
  5. Choose the follow up that should be triggered
  6. Click Add Task

The task will run immediately upon a follow up being completed, or on the delayed schedule established.

You have enough to do. Let Automated Tasks help you establish good workflows in your office and simply get the job done.

We hope this feature will help you stay more connected to the people connected to your church.

For a complete overview of the Follow Up Progression Task, check out our help center.

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