Follow Up With New Attenders

Follow Up with New Attenders is the last of the Task Updates released in late August.

Enable this task to receive automatic notifications when someone attends an event for the first time. Or, when someone returns after a long absence.

While this task won’t replace the need for your personal touch in welcoming a new attender, it will deliver an action item (follow up) straight to your inbox.

New Attender connections are handled differently at every church. Whatever your method, this task will automate and help you execute that plan with consistency.

Setting Up Your Follow Up with New Attenders

  1. Go to More > Tasks > Automated Tasks
  2. Click “+ Add Task”
  3. Select “Follow Up with New Attenders”
  4. Choose the event that you would like to trigger the follow up
  5. Choose the follow up that should be triggered
  6. Click “Add Task”

Whether the follow up prompts a phone call, email invitation to a welcome event, a text message with service times or a handwritten card, we hope this feature will assist you in making new and lasting connections.

For a complete overview of the Follow Up with New Attenders, check out our help center.

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