Follow Up With New Givers

Good stewardship habits are worth celebrating!

Perhaps you’ve wanted a way to identify first time givers, but running that weekly report just never gets done amidst all your other responsibilities.

Now, you can establish a task for Follow Up with New Givers and be alerted by email of those first time stewards.

This task does the discovery for you so you can focus on building relationship, sending a personalized Thank You by email or better yet a handwritten card (snail mail still has its place!).

Setting Up Your Follow Up with New Givers

  • 1. Go to More > Tasks > Automated Tasks
  • 2. Click “+ Add Task”
  • 3. Select “Follow Up with New Givers”
  • 4. Choose the fund criteria you’d like to use when looking for first time givers
  • 5. Choose the follow up that should be triggered
  • 6. Click “Add Task”
  • This is also a great way to track people returning to stewardship commitments after a long absence, or be alerted when established givers donating to a specific fund for the first time. Let the information come to you and remember the power is in your response.

    We hope this feature will help you stay more connected to the people connected to your church.

    For a complete overview of the Follow Up with New Givers, check out our help center.

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