Form Filter & Auto-Tag Form Respondents

Forms just received a few Super Powers!

Forms are a great way to collect event and class registration submissions, gathering new or updated information from your members, and more.

If you’re not already utilizing Forms, consider implementing the following:

  • Event Registrations through Forms
  • Centralize your efforts and have all event registrations flow through forms, even collect payment all at the same time. As the event approaches you can easily send reminders, last minute class materials, and even print name tags!

  • Update Personal Profile Information through Forms
  • Create a form with new or updated profile field information you wish to collect (note: form fields must be an exact match to profile fields). When form submissions are received, Breeze will recognize new or updated information, making suggestions to update profiles, allowing you to Skip the Data Entry!

    Super Power #1

    Form Filters

    Use form filters to search through form entries and find exactly the respondents you are looking for!

    Example: see how many people signed up for the Monday Scripture Study vs. Wednesday without an excel download, saving you time when getting to the data you need.

    Additional Documentation.

    Super Power #2

    Auto-Tag Form Respondents

    Automatically assign (or unassign) form respondents to a corresponding tag! Or, only assign people with specific form entries to a designated tag.

    This super power will take centralizing your efforts and skipping the data entry to the next level by Automating Tag Assignments!

    Additional Documentation.

    Here’s a 40-second video showing a form (with 3 different class options) and the Auto-Tag assignment of form respondents to a specified tag based on their responses.

    It’s automagical!

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