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Best Free Church Database Software: All You Need to Know

A church is more than just a building; it's a family of believers. That being said, it’s key for a church to keep in touch with its members, not only during Sunday services but all week long. 

That's where church database software comes in handy. Think of it as the church's digital backbone. It helps church administrators manage member details, keep track of who's coming and going, and make sure everyone's in the loop with targeted communication like email and text. 

Ultimately, a church database software can help church leaders stay organized and get a real-time pulse on their community and serve them better. While faith in Jesus is the heart of the church, database software can be its helpful sidekick!

What is Church Database Software?

Church database software is a digital tool designed to help religious institutions manage and organize their congregation's information. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for everything from member contact details and attendance records to event planning and group coordination. 

Beyond just data storage, this software can streamline communication, increase engagement, and support outreach efforts. Ultimately, church database software is indispensable for churches of every size–from 50 members to 500 members.

How does Church Database Management Software Work?

Church Database Management Software operates as a centralized system tailored to the unique needs of religious institutions. By consolidating member profiles, attendance logs, donation records, and event calendars, the software provides a comprehensive overview of church activities. Ideally, church database management software is simple to use and intuitive for even non-tech-savvy staff. 😉

Benefits of Church Database Software

Church database software is hugely beneficial for churches. Here’s why. 

Church Database Software is User-friendly

Recognizing that not every church member or administrator might be tech-savvy, church database software is designed with intuitive interfaces and clear navigation pathways. 

In other words, it’s easy to use!

Even those with minimal experience with software can easily input data, search for information, and communicate with contacts. 

Improved Church Communication

With Church Database Software, communication within the congregation takes a leap forward. 

No more missed event notifications or last-minute changes catching folks off guard! 

Church Database Software helps admin send out timely updates, reminders, and announcements, ensuring everyone stays in the loop and connected.

More Efficient Church Admin

With everything in one place, from member details to event calendars, Church Database Software streamlines tasks and cuts down on admin hours. Plus, it can make church operations smoother and more impactful–a win for everyone! 

Improved Church Data Security 

A big win with Church Database Software is the enhanced security it offers for sensitive data. Rather than traditional methods, which might leave data vulnerable, this software integrates advanced encryption and safety protocols. 

Seamless Membership Management 

With just a few clicks through Church Database Software, church admins can update profiles, track attendance, and even note special occasions like baptisms or anniversaries. No more manual entries or outdated lists!

Volunteer Management

Volunteer management can be tricky, but Church Database Software makes the task a whole lot easier. With this tool, users can effortlessly schedule shifts, track volunteer availability, and even match skill sets to specific tasks or events. No more mix-ups or double-bookings. 

Types of Church Database Software

Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-based church database software is hosted on remote servers, allowing users to access data from anywhere with an internet connection. These solutions are favored for their flexibility and automatic updates, ensuring churches always have the latest features without the need for manual upgrades. Plus, they offer enhanced security with regular backups.

Open Source Solutions

Open source solutions provide churches with the ability to customize their database management tools. Because its source code is freely available, tech-savvy members or hired developers can tailor the software to the church's specific needs. Not only is it often more cost-effective, but it also allows for a community-driven approach to software development.

Desktop-Based Solutions

Desktop-based solutions are installed directly on a church's computers. They offer robust performance and can work offline, making them a reliable choice for churches with inconsistent internet access. While updates might need to be done manually, these solutions offer the advantage of one-time purchase costs and data stored locally.

Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid solutions allow data to be stored locally but can also sync with cloud servers for backup and remote access. This approach provides the flexibility of cloud access while retaining the solidity and reliability of a desktop application for Church Database Software.


A simple spreadsheet allows churches to track things like member's contact information, small group involvement, donations, and more. While many churches start with a free church database solution like a spreadsheet, they quickly outgrow the lack of power and security that a spreadsheet can provide.

Key Components of a Good Church Database Software Platform

Not all church database software is created equal. Here are a few key features to look for. 

Customizable Fields and Data Structures

The best Church Database Software will allow churches to create custom fields for data entry. In other words, you’ll be able to store more than just basic information; you’ll be able to include creative details that align with the culture and needs of your church!

Online Donations and Fundraising Tools

Look for Church Database Software that integrates with online giving. This makes it easier to connect with your community about generosity in a way that’s targeted and relevant (for example, if you’d like to send a unique email to the top 10% of your donors). 

Event Planning and Scheduling Features

The right Church Database Software will make event planning smoother. This can involve the event registration status, email and text message communications, and calendar integrations. 

Volunteer Management Features

The best Church Database Software will include volunteer management features that make it simpler to manage and coordinate with your volunteers. That can include scheduling tools, automated reminders, and targeted communication with specific groups of volunteers. 

Membership Tracking and Communication Tools

Church Database Software should include tools that make it easy to track trends in membership (is your church growing?) and of course, communicate with members via email and text.

Donation Tracking and Accounting Tools

While finances may not be your favorite part of church administration, money and generosity are important! Church Database Software should allow you to track donations and use accounting tools so that you can stay on top of this key part of church administration.

User Friendly Interface & Unlimited Users

Finally, Church Database Software shouldn’t require heavy technical training to use! It should have a simple user interface and allow for unlimited users, so that your entire church staff can access if needed.

How to Select the Best Church Database Management Software

By now, you know what features to look for in a Church Database Management Software. Here are four critical factors to consider when looking at the big picture. 

User Interface (UI)

Think of a UI (user interface) like the dashboard of a car: it's where you interact with and control the underlying machinery, and its design can significantly impact how you enjoy the journey! 

Likewise, a software's UI directly impacts the user's experience. Choose software with an intuitive interface, ensuring a good experience for your church admin and leaders.


Church Database Software should cater to both digital natives and those less familiar with software, so that anyone can use it with ease and confidence.


Consider how well the software integrates with other tools and platforms you already use. Integrations can save time and reduce the need for manual data transfers between systems.

Freemium Limitations

Many software options offer free versions with limited features. It's important to evaluate what's included in the freemium model and whether it actually meets your church's needs or if a paid upgrade is inevitable for more extensive functionality.

Overview of the Best Free Church Database Management Software

Breeze ChMS

Breeze is a cloud-based church management software known for being simple and user-friendly. One of the core features of Breeze is its unlimited contact database (Breeze People), which allows users to store unlimited contacts, customize fields, search through contacts, communicate with email and text, and much more. 

Breeze also offers:

  • Online giving, including reporting and donation management
  • Child check-in, including name tag printing
  • Service planning
  • Event registration
  • Volunteer management tools
  • And much more…


What sets Breeze apart from others is its straightforward interface, which helps church admin and leaders manage contacts effortlessly. While Breeze isn’t free, it is extremely affordable for churches of every size, with one flat price of $72 per month. It also offers a free 14-day trial so that you can give it a go risk-free.

Finally, Breeze offers amazing customer support. One customer said, “We are loving the Breeze software especially the ease of use for our members. I have been equally impressed with Breeze customer support."


Breeze isn’t free, but it’s certainly worth the low price–offering everything you need as a church (beyond a database) for less than $100 per month. Plus, you get the added benefit of having awesome customer support, available 13 hours a day, 5 days a week. 


ChurchInfo is a free, open-source database software designed specifically for churches. It's a handy tool that helps churches keep track of their members, fundraising, and events. 

ChurchInfo also offers:

  • Donation tracking
  • Attendance recording
  • Reporting
  • Volunteer management
  • And more.


One of the standout features is that it's web-based, so you can access it from anywhere, whether that's your church office or your couch at home. And because it's open-source, your tech-savvy staff can customize it to fit your church's unique needs. 


Being open source can be a double-edged sword–to make changes, you may require someone with special technical expertise.

Another downside? ChurchInfo’s interface is a bit outdated, making it tricky and less-than-enjoyable to navigate.


Like ChurchInfo, ChurchCRM is an open-source platform. As a database software, it offers an array of features like:

  • Member management
  • Contribution tracking
  • Event scheduling
  • Volunteer coordination
  • And more 


The open-source nature of ChurchCRM means that it’s cost-effective and highly customizable. 


ChurchCRM may have some of the same downsides as ChurchInfo, in that churches may need highly expert staff to make changes to the software. Some users also say that the setup is a bit challenging. 

Another downside? With a free software, you’ll have much more limited support. 


ChurchTrac is a church management software that offers tools for:

  • Member tracking
  • Communication tools
  • Donation management and accounting tools
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Attendance tracking
  • And more


ChurchTrac’s “People” feature is free to use, and it also offers a wide range of additional church management tools for an added cost.


As soon as you use additional features, pricing can scale up quickly with an increase in church size. If you’d like to use all tools with unlimited contacts, you’ll pay over $100 per month. 


ChMeetings is a church management solution with a heavy focus on database management and facilitating community. 

It offers tools for:

  • Member tracking
  • Donation management
  • Group communication
  • And more


ChMeetings is tailored to Catholic and Orthodox churches, but can be used by churches of any denomination and size. It does offer a free version that can be used for very small churches of 50 or less.


ChMeetings’ pricing scales up as your church grows. The fact that it’s tailored for more liturgical or traditional churches may not work for church plants and non-denominational churches.


ChurchWindows is a paid church management software that offers:

  • Member management
  • Financial accounting
  • Scheduling
  • Donation tracking
  • And more


This comprehensive software provides both cloud-based and desktop-based versions, and monthly or yearly pricing (to take full advantage of its capabilities, you’ll need to pay a yearly price of $1,000+). 


The downside to ChurchWindows is that it can be complicated to understand its module structure and multiple options. That might make it less than ideal for small-medium sized churches looking for a quick, simple solution. 

Key Takeaways

A free Church Database Software is typically open-source, meaning that it’s customizable (and free), but can also come without the support you need to really thrive as a church. 

In the end, it may be worth it to pay a small monthly fee in order to have a tool (and support team) that work for you! Just make sure to choose a product with one flat fee–you don’t want to be penalized for growing as a community (especially as your database tool kicks in!)


How much does Church Database Management Software Cost?

Church Database Management Software can cost anywhere from zero dollars per month to hundreds of dollars per month, depending on which product you choose and what kinds of capabilities you need.

When is It Time to Replace the Church Software?

It’s time to replace church software when:

  • You’re paying more than $100 per month…
  • The interface feels outdated and clunky…
  • You aren’t saving any time on admin….
  • Or it’s complicated or difficult to engage your church community online

What is the Purpose of the Church Database?

The purpose of a church database is to have a comprehensive system for managing and communicating with your people. Ultimately, a church database is designed to help you serve your community more effectively and build stronger, Jesus-centered relationships!

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I cannot say enough about Breeze. Their customer service is so friendly, you feel like you have friends and family helping you get started, they're prompt to reply and will do whatever they can to help you get things sorted out. It's been so easy to learn, our staff is loving it and best of all even our staff who are not computer savvy find it a breeze (pun intended). We are just thrilled by our choice.

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From the start of our process looking for an online solution, Breeze has exceeded all our expectations. Fast data import, fast and friendly customer support, and we can’t say enough about how much we like the program itself. Very well designed and user friendly. On a scale of 1-10, Breeze gets a 15 from us!

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