Fun Games for Women's Ministry or Ladies Church Groups

Sometimes, meeting or event attendees need to warm up a little before they get into the mood of doing the activities you have planned. That’s where games come in. Games can be a great way to break the ice in a women's ministry group!

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Sometimes, meeting or event attendees need to warm up a little before they get into the mood of doing the activities you have planned. That’s where games come in. Games can be a great way to break the ice, eliminating the awkwardness and boosting everybody’s energy to ensure they’re engaged with the upcoming activities.

Coming up with fun games where participants can build connections through playful interaction is rewarding, but it can be challenging. Moreover, you need to ensure these games are appropriate for women’s ministry or ladies’ church meetings and activities. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for a list of great games you can try for your next ministry meeting.

What is Women’s Ministry?

Women’s ministry is a community of women gathering to encourage spiritual growth and development in a safe and supportive environment. Being a member of women’s ministry means joining a group that will encourage and support your spiritual journey, helping you grow closer to God.

Importance of Games for Women's Ministry

The main purpose of games in women’s ministry is to break the ice and get group members talking. Games are a great way to get members who haven’t known each other to interact with each other, facilitating group discussions and studies. They’re also useful for raising energy at the beginning of a ministry event or meeting.

Additionally, the games can be as memorable as the event activities themselves. Group members can look at the fun times they had playing games fondly, which may encourage them to keep coming to events because they know they’ll have a good time.

Benefits of Games in Women’s Ministry

We’ve discussed why games and icebreakers are important in women’s ministry. Now, let’s take a look at how your group can benefit from integrating games into regular ministry gatherings:

Building Community and Fostering Relationships Through Shared Activities

Many icebreakers and games encourage players to interact and get to know one another. When done right, these interactions can be very genuine and won’t feel forced, so group members can get to know each other better.

These icebreakers benefit both old and new members. Old members can get to know those they may not have interacted with much in the past, while new members can get to know the other in general.

Enhancing Teamwork

Many of these games have a teamwork component, whether in teams or with everyone collaborating to achieve a single goal. Games are a great way to build teamwork in a fun, generally low-stakes setting. This feeling of camaraderie can later be the foundation of something more solid when group members work together on other activities outside of games.

Encouraging Communication

Collaborative games, by nature, involve team members communicating with each other. Through these games, group members can learn the best way to convey information to their teammates. There’s a subtle encouragement to communicate effectively and efficiently because the team that works together the best is often the winner in these games.

Learning Through Play

Games can also be educational. You can incorporate Scripture or other biblical themes into these games so group members can learn while still having fun.

Providing Stress Relief

At their core, these games are about having fun with friends and other group members. It can be a great way to relieve the players' stress from the days leading up to the event. 

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Increasing Participation

Some event attendees may be reluctant to partake in activities because they feel awkward. These games can break the ice and let them know they’re a welcome part of the group, increasing their likelihood of actively participating in the event.

Fostering a Safe Environment

Women’s ministry games can also be a way to make members feel welcomed and safe in the group. This way, everybody feels like they’re a valued part of the ministry.

Promoting Creativity

Some games require players to be creative to win. Playing these games encourages members to think on their feet and come up with out-of-the-box solutions, which can be useful skills when they get into other activities.

Cultural Engagement

Games in events often reflect the community or group at large. Playing these games can acquaint the newer members with the group’s beliefs and culture, helping them get used to the environment faster.

Building Adaptability

In some games, players are encouraged to keep their wits about them if they want to win. Adaptability is another skill taught in games that will be useful if carried over to other endeavors.

Encouraging Physical Activity

Many games get the body moving, which raises the energy of participants, getting them ready for the activities to come.

Celebrating Achievements and Growth

Through games, we can also learn how to celebrate achievements well. That means being respectful and celebrating successes and shared experiences, even if you’re competing for prizes. After all, these games are all played in good fun.

Icebreaker Games for Ladies Church Groups

What games are good for ladies’ church groups? Here are a few ideas to consider:

Icebreaker Questions

Icebreaker questions are simple, require little preparation, and get people to share about themselves with the group to encourage bonding. You can list any questions to pose to other members, from fun surface-level things like “If you can only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?” to deeper, more personal things like “What’s a Bible verse that really speaks to your heart?”

Adjust the depth of these questions based on the familiarity levels of everybody in the group to ensure everybody can be comfortable in sharing their answers. If it’s a new group, you can probably stick to surface-level questions to be on the safe side. However, you can prod a little deeper if your group has been together for years.

Charades Game

Charades is a fun game that requires no special tools. Almost everybody knows how to play it, so you can get started with minimal explanation. Since you’re playing charades in church, the phrases can be quotes, events, or lessons from the Bible. 

Popular Games

If you have the tools ready, you can play popular games and give them a Christian flavor. For example, you can play Pictionary, where the prompts are scenes from the Bible. Another good idea is to play Telephone but with Bible verses. These games are usually popular enough for people to immediately recognize them and get into them quickly.

Creative Ideas and Activities

Some types of activities can inspire spiritual growth through creative play. Here are some activity ideas you can consider:

Scrap Paper Activity

Making crafts from scrap paper probably makes you think of art class back at school. And that’s the intention of this activity. You can bring a little piece of childhood back to your group members through arts and crafts sessions. Let them unleash their creativity in making Bible-themed crafts.

Candy Pass Activity

Candy Pass is an icebreaker activity where you can get to know group members better and possibly walk away with some candy while you’re at it. Here’s how you play:

  1. Have the group sit in a circle.
  2. Distribute candies so each person has the same number of candies in hand.
  3. Start reading out yes or no questions.
  4. If a participant says “yes,” they pass one piece of candy to the person on their right. If they answer “no,” they don’t pass a candy.
  5. Find the person with the most candy once all the questions have been read out. That’s the winner.

By the end of the game, each group member likely knows something about the others that they didn’t know before.

Bingo Card Activity

Bingo is a fun, simple activity that anybody can understand and enjoy. Making a bingo card for your events and meetings can help the attendees focus more and pay attention to their activities because they don’t want to miss anything that could end up on the bingo card. For extra motivation to get them to play, consider giving out prizes to attendees who got the bingo.

Colored Candies Activity

Another fun candy-related activity involves colored candies like Skittles or M&Ms. You don’t have to buy a single type of multicolored candy. If you want, you can use many types of candy for this activity.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Fill the candy bowl and tell the participants to take anywhere between one and five pieces of candy.
  2. Once everybody’s taken their candies, explain what each color means. For instance, red candies can mean “favorite hobbies,” and blue candies can mean “dream job.”
  3. Go around in a circle and have each player state a fact about themselves according to their candy type. So, for instance, somebody with red and blue candies would tell the group about their hobby and dream job.

It’s a fun and simple way to encourage people to tell a little bit about themselves. 

Tips to Organize Fun Games for Women's Ministry

How do you ensure things go well when organizing games for fellowship? You prepare for them. Here, we’ll share top tips for organizing fun and interactive games for women’s ministry groups:

Know Your Audience

Picking the right game for your audience ensures they’re engaged and have a good time. Think about the preferences of your ministry members and pick games that fit their profile.

Align with the Ministry's Goals

Since you’re running games in a women’s ministry, just being fun often isn’t enough. Make sure you plan activities that align with the ministry’s goals.

Be Inclusive and Encourage Participation

Women’s ministry games are meant to welcome and ensure everybody in the group is welcomed. Creating a fun and inclusive environment means embracing everybody in the group and not leaving anybody feeling left out. 

If your group membership consists of varying ages, you can adapt games for different age groups or create separate games by age group. To boost participation, you can publish the event on Instagram and encourage participation among all members.

Provide Clear Instructions When Guiding Players

Clear instructions are essential to ensure your games go as smoothly as possible. Explain the rules clearly and concisely before starting the game. If needed, you can print instructions so the players can read and understand at their own pace.

Clear instructions are also essential for those running the games. It’s always a good idea to collaborate with volunteers for smooth execution.

Foster a Safe Environment

Games where somebody gets hurt won’t be fun. Ensure your players are safe from both physical and emotional harm by setting clear rules and expectations.

Incorporate Biblical Themes

Since you’re organizing women’s ministry games, things would be amiss if you don’t incorporate themes found in the Bible into your activities. Think about what verse would fit into the game you’re planning, and slip some Bible wisdom when and where you can. 

Exploring biblical themes through games can help participants of your devotional meeting internalize the lessons better. Once the participants are finished playing, you can guide discussions related to the game’s themes.

Plan Ahead, But Be Flexible

Planning and executing successful events require foresight. Planning ahead helps you anticipate issues before they become problems. However, planning also helps you be flexible. Having a solid plan means you won’t be as susceptible to last-second changes if something goes wrong during the event since you may have a plan B in store.

Use Icebreakers

Facilitating engaging Icebreakers helps break the tension and help boost the energy of your event’s participants. Use them wisely to get everybody pumped and ready for the game.

Key Takeaways

Women’s ministry games aren’t just fun. Leading team-building activities can strengthen lessons from the Bible, break the tension between members, and encourage participants to interact. When done right, women’s ministry games can be unforgettable experiences that leave your group members wanting more.


How can I ensure that the games are inclusive for everyone?

You can ensure your games are inclusive for everyone by picking activities that don’t require special skills or certain physical characteristics. If you’re planning games for a big group, make sure to pick games that can be enjoyed by people of varying skill levels.

Can games have a spiritual or biblical focus?

Games can have a spiritual or biblical focus. You can insert lessons or verses from the Bible at appropriate points in the game to elevate them from being just fun.

How can I integrate games into a regular women's ministry gathering?

You can integrate games into a regular women’s ministry gathering through icebreakers. Play a little game before every gathering or meeting to get everybody warmed up and ready for the upcoming activities.

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