How We Keep Your Data Safe

On a fairly regular basis we receive questions related to the security of the data stored within Breeze.  And this is a great question and one you should be asking – after all you owe it to the people in your church to ensure their personal data is protected.  We’ve put this article together to outline the measures we take to ensure the security of your data.

Encrypted Connections

Breeze uses an HTTPS SSL encrypted connection in a PCI compliant datacenter for nearly all data sent back and forth.  This is the same standard used for transferring credit card data.  This protects against malicious actions such as “man-in-the-middle” attacks where an individual attempts to intercept the message.  An encrypted connection means that only the correct recipient is able to read the data.

Daily Back Ups

We back up the database every 24 hours. Our back ups also allow us to restore your database if you or another individual accidentally deletes data that should have been retained. We also back up the filesystem every 24 hours which creates a back up of all content as well as a redundant database backup.

User Accounts

You’re able to create multiple user accounts, each having their own set of permissions, so that each user only has access to what he or she should have access to.  Common scenarios for this are restricting the majority of staff from seeing contribution information or preventing certain users from adding or deleting people.  All user accounts also have a password that’s needed to log in. If you’re interested in more details on how these permissions work, check out our video on users and roles.

Automatic Log Out

Administrators can also determine if a user should be automatically logged out after a certain amount of inactivity. Different users can have different settings so that if desired, users with access to more sensitive data can be logged out sooner than those with less privileges.  If you’re interested in more details on how these permissions work, check out our video on users and roles.

Store Data on your Own Computer

Some churches like the peace of mind in knowing their data is backed up locally on their own computer.  Breeze allows you to export all of your key data into Excel files whenever you’d like by navigating to “More > My Account > Export”.  Additionally, we assume no one likes to feel trapped and so if for some reason you find you need to switch from Breeze to something else (which we hope you won’t :)), this makes it easy to pack up your data and take it elsewhere.


We’re big fans of focusing on what we do well (software) and letting others focus on what they do well (hardware).  As a result we use an extremely high quality commercial datacenter for reliable security and speed.  The datacenter is located in southern California.  For those of you interested in even more specifics on the security of the datacenter, you can read about them here.

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