Introducing Fund Groups and Fund IDs


We’re excited to announce an addition to the way Breeze organizes funds. Historically Breeze has allowed users to create a simple list of funds and designate contributions to one or more of those funds. We’ve now added the ability to group funds together, allowing churches to organize funds in a hierarchical manner.

Group Funds

Users can create any number of groups, sub groups, sub-sub groups (etc) and place funds within them, allowing churches to give a level of organization to their funds that was not previously possible. Groups will automatically show you the total amount by year for all of the funds within them.

This organization carries over to the interface used to select the fund someone gave to, allowing churches to better organize their list of funds resulting in faster entry of contributions.

Designate Fund

Additionally, we’ve also added the ability for churches to give a fund an ID. This can be helpful when using Breeze with an accounting system and you want the fund ID to exist in both programs.

Some of the main benefits we see this providing are:

  • More coherent organization of funds for churches with a lot of funds
  • A way to group commonly-used funds to make data entry faster
  • A quick report showing the total giving to different categories (groups)
  • A way to give a fund an ID without needing to modify the fund name. This is most helpful when that fund is being used in online giving and so adding an ID to the fund name might confuse the donor (as it would be visible on the donation screen). Having it separate allows users to store the ID for administrative purposes but not display it to donors.

We hope this serves you well, allowing you to have a better picture of where your donations are going as well as making your processes even more efficient.

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