March 2019 Updates

Breeze Product Updates

Keeping you informed of product updates and enhancements.

Highlights include: 1. Tag Drag Permissions 2. Size Limits for Email Attachments and 3. Company-Wide Retreat – Support Closure.

Organize Tags

Did you know that you can drag and drop tags and tag folders? We’ve updated our permissions so that anyone with the ability to create/delete tags can move tags into different folders. Moving Tags Into Different Folders

Size Limits for Email Attachments

We have a 20MB limit on total attachment size for an email. If an email exceeds this limit, it previously would appear to send but then fail in the processing.

With this latest update, Breeze will now alert you if the total size of an email attachment exceeds 20MBs giving you the information you need to get their emails delivered successfully! Emailing a Person or Group

Company-Wide Retreat Support Closure

Our annual Company-Wide Retreat will be held Thursday, March 28 – Monday, April 1. During this time we will have no phone support and limited email support. We thank you for understanding. Information on our closures and Holiday Hours

Other enhancements

  • DYMO Printers Software Downloads Directly In Breeze

When you need to update or install your DYMO Software for your check in printers, you no longer need to visit DYMO’s website and guess if you’re downloading the right software.  Just visit our Printer Setup article and choose Mac or PC and the software will download right there.

  • Added Support for Bulk File Field Updates

We’ve fixed a bug with our update people task in the Action Panel.  Previously, if you tried to update people with a “file” profile field, the task would act like it worked but never actually upload the file.  Now everything works as expected. 

  • Batch Number for Generic Giving Import Template

When you’re bulk importing gifts with the Generic Giving Template, you can now include a batch number for easy sorting.

  • New Third Party Giving Integrations

Our Third Party giving page now offers even more payment processors as automated integrations.

We look forward to sharing continued product updates and enhancements as we strive to be the world’s easiest web-based church management software for small and mid-sized churches. Cheers to you doing great work in ministry!

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