See Who Opens Your Emails


We’re excited to announce an update to the Breeze email system that allows users to:

  • See how many people opened their email (e.g. 71% of recipients opened your message)
  • See how many people clicked on a link within their email
  • See if their email failed to reach anyone and why
  • See specifically who opened their email and/or clicked a link in their email

We think these statistics are important for a number of reasons.

First off, they can help you create more engaging emails that help better involve your message’s recipients.  By being able to see who clicks into your emails you can see what email subjects are most engaging.

Secondly they can help you better prioritize how you spend your time.  If you’re sending out a weekly newsletter and discover only 20 out of 400 people are reading it, perhaps there’s a more effective route for communicating the information in the letter.  Conversely, if you find that 85% of people are reading your newsletter, perhaps it’s something that deserves even more attention as it is a very effective communication channel.

Lastly, these statistics can help you troubleshoot if someone is unable to receive a message.  You can see if you have an incorrect email address or if there’s another reason the message could not be delivered.

We hope this helps you have email communications that are even more effective and help attenders become more involved in the work Christ is doing through your church.  For more details, see our Email Deliverability Report documentation.

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