Tailoring Your Social Media Content Across Platforms

Here's how your church can tailor social media content across multiple platforms.

Susanna Fleming

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Would you wear a swimsuit to a job interview? How about a suit and tie to the beach? I’m guessing the answer is probably not. When it comes to how we dress, context truly matters – and it's the same with social media! Just as we tailor our attire to fit the occasion, the best social media strategies include customizing your content to match the unique cultural expectations of each social media platform. 

Customizing Your Content to Match the Platform

Think about it: A fun dancing clip that goes viral on TikTok may not resonate with professionals on LinkedIn. A detailed industry article that gets traction on LinkedIn might be scrolled past on Instagram.

Beyond format and style, the underlying algorithms of these platforms reward content that keeps users engaged within their environment. A YouTube video directly linked to on Facebook, for example, might not perform as well as one that is actively uploaded to Facebook's platform.

If you are a busy church leader, I understand that even showing up on multiple social media platforms is a huge win for your church! You should be proud of yourself for taking the initiative to manage multiple social media accounts. However, if you want to use each platform to its full potential and make your church’s social media presence truly stand out, Breeze has got you covered! I’ve put together a list that will help you learn the best posting strategy for the most popular platforms, along with a few helpful examples!


Content Type: Relatable content, behind-the-scenes from church events, education (videos mimicking the style of filmed podcasts), and aesthetically-pleasing images.

Demographic: Skewed towards 18-40.

Why tailor your content: When it comes to church social media, Instagram is clearly a leader of the pack. You can use Instagram to showcase the vibrant community and events at your church, as well as engage with your followers through likes, comments, and direct messages.  

Instagram's Gen Z audience appreciates authenticity, so behind-the-scenes content, volunteer activities, and even humor can resonate deeply. Educational content also does well on Reels – think snippets of a pastor sharing scripture or unpacking the sermon. Even so, the culture of Instagram is still somewhat centered around aesthetics. Because of this, it’s best to add eye-catching cover photos to your Reels and keep your grid somewhat clean. 


Content Type: Event announcements, community groups, streaming, and engaging content.

Demographic: Broadly 18-65+, with a significant portion being 40-54.

Why tailor your content: While Facebook is not as popular with younger generations, it is still a powerful platform for churches who want to foster community. With its large user base and diverse features, Facebook provides a great opportunity to connect with your congregation and engage with new followers. To optimize your church's presence on Facebook, it's important to create a professional and visually appealing page that accurately represents your church's mission and values. Then, utilize Facebook’s features, such as Groups, Pages, and Events, to promote your ministries and encourage community discussions. Additionally, utilizing Facebook Live to stream services or special events can further enhance your church's online presence and attract new members.

X (Formerly Called Twitter):

Content Type: Scripture of the day, short sermon insights, and church news.

Demographic: Primarily 18-29, a fast-paced crowd.

Why tailor your content: X’s rapid format means that concise messages, such as daily scripture or a poignant quote from last Sunday's sermon, can resonate. Churches can engage with contemporary issues or trends, offering a faith-based perspective and starting conversations. Retweeting and engaging with other users' content can help build relationships and connect with influencers in the faith community. Organized discussions around specific hashtags are another great way to connect with your congregation and followers on a deeper level. The late Tim Keller utilized this platform incredibly well. You can see examples of his posts here


Content Type: Scriptural insights, stories, humor, church announcements, theological discussions, and unique observations.

Demographic: Primarily 18-25, more males than females thus far. 

Why tailor your content: I discussed Threads in detail here. To summarize, Threads is a popular new social media platform that focuses on text rather than images. While you can still post images and videos, it is primarily designed for longer text blocks and conversation starters. With Threads, your church can share everything from announcements to sermon notes to prayer requests, and the culture of the platform allows for longer nuanced discussions. Genuine and authentic conversations are the goal on Threads. Showcase your church’s unique personality and impact by using humor, sharing testimonies, and encouraging meaningful exchanges with your audience. 


Content Type: Full sermons, Shorts, podcasts, and church event highlights.

Demographic: Broad, but a major chunk is 18-44.

Why tailor your content: YouTube is a powerful platform for churches to share their message through video content. With its wide reach and accessibility, YouTube allows your church to connect with a global audience and reach individuals who may not have been exposed to your message otherwise. 

Your church’s YouTube channel is the best place to post videos of sermons, worship services, testimonials, video podcasts, and community events. Make sure to utilize the description box to provide additional information and links to your website or social media accounts. For people to find your video, they need to be able to search for it. By optimizing your video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords, you can improve your channel's visibility in search results and attract more viewers to your content. 

YouTube shorts function a lot like Instagram Reels or TikTok videos. Keep them short, based on trends, and engaging. Short-form educational videos also do well on YouTube Shorts.


Content Type: Trends, education, challenges, stories, and authentic discipleship content.

Demographic: Largely 16-26 but growing in older demographics.

Why tailor your content: TikTok is all about relatability, which is something the Church in the 21st century United States desperately needs! TikTok is a great place for you to jump on the trends and showcase your church’s livelier side, all while keeping true to your values and mission. TikTok is also a key educational space; rather than searching the internet for answers to their questions, TikTok users follow educational gurus on a variety of topics to have their questions answered. As such, TikTok is actually a genius place for digital discipleship. People are looking for voices to follow so they can sort out their beliefs about the world – and they’re looking on TikTok. 


Content Type: Church administration insights, community outreach programs, and volunteer opportunities.

Demographic: 25-54, professionals.

Why tailor your content: LinkedIn is a valuable platform for churches to connect with professionals in their community and share their mission and values. With a focus on networking and professional development, LinkedIn allows your church to reach a different audience than other social media platforms. Use LinkedIn to share updates on community outreach initiatives, highlight the professional accomplishments of church members, and engage in meaningful discussions about topics related to faith and spirituality. By utilizing LinkedIn effectively, your church can establish itself as a thought leader and forge valuable connections in the professional world. You can read tips on how to maximize your use of LinkedIn here.  


Just kidding! We’re leaving MySpace (and its stressful “Top 8” friends list) in the past! This platform is now reserved for music. 

Bonus Tip: 

Content can be repurposed across different platforms. For instance, a TikTok video might also fit well on Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. However, when cross-posting, it's essential to avoid platform-specific watermarks. Instead of recording directly on TikTok and then reposting the watermarked video on Instagram Reels, it's better to film on your phone and share the clean version across multiple platforms.


With a clearer understanding of which content works best on each platform, you're all set to start posting. As you delve deeper into each platform and experiment with your posts, you'll naturally grasp these nuances even better. Consider this your initial roadmap! For more insights and guidance on enhancing church communication, don't forget to explore the Breeze blog

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