Update to Breeze Texting

Communicating with your membership is important, and communicating you are! You might be surprised to know that every day, through Breeze accounts, over 300k text messages and 160k emails are sent. Now that’s a lot of communicating – you’ve been busy.

For those using text messages (including reminders and alerts) from your Breeze account, this update is for you.

Breeze Texting Phone Number is Changing

Here’s what to expect over the next few weeks:

  • Your Breeze text messages will be sent from 87447.
  • This number is dedicated to Breeze — so all your members will know it’s you texting and can save that number to their phone.
  • Text deliverability and dependability will improve.

Industry Requirements Have Propelled the Change

Text carriers are interested in protecting the rights of recipients and therefore require opt-in adherence. As the new number is rolled out, here’s what will change:

  • The first time they receive a text message from your Breeze account we’ll inform them of how they can opt-out of texts, if desired.
  • This message is sent just before we pass along your message or reminder and is free to the church and will not go against the free 250 messages per month count.

For more information on this change and how to best use Breeze texting, check out this Support Center article: Update to Breeze Texting.

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