Work Smarter with Smart Tags

Within Breeze, tags allow you to organize groups and quickly communicate with the people in those groups.

With Automated Tasks, we’ve made tags even smarter, giving you the ability to automatically manage those groups easily without having to manually add or remove people from those groups using Smart Tags.

Smart Tags

This is especially useful in a number of use-cases, including:

1. Update your Children and Youth Groups when your students move to a new grade

Use Smart Tags to create a filter for the “Grade” profile field and have it automatically update the classroom tags that you have set up.

For example, let’s say that you have a tag for Junior High which groups all students who are in 6th through 8th grades. By setting up a Smart Tag, when a student graduates from 5th grade they’re automatically added to the Junior High group. Additionally, you can configure this Smart Tag to remove students as they graduate Junior High.

2. Add new members to your Church Newsletter distribution list easily

Use Smart Tags to tie the Membership Status of people associated with your church to a Church Newsletter tag, allowing you to easily send emails about things happening around your church.

3. Keep your Women’s and Men’s Ministry lists up-to-date

Would you like all females that are attenders and/or members to belong to a tag for “Women’s Ministry”, set those filters using smart tags and let the system keep your group up-to-date!

Similarly, you can do this for all the men in your church. Set a filter in Smart Tags and let automated tasks do the rest.

Setting up a Smart Tag is easy

  1. Go to More > Tasks > Automated Tasks
  2. Click Add Task
  3. Select Smart Tag
  4. Create your filter based on profile fields
  5. Select which tag(s) you’d like that filter to automatically assign to
  6. Select whether or not you’d like anyone who does not match that filter to be removed from that tag (if you choose this option, any existing individuals in that tag who do not fit the criteria will be removed and the tag will have a “locked” icon next to it.
  7. Click Add Task

Smart Tag tasks run every hour, or as soon as they’re edited or created, so your groups will always be up-to-date.

We’re super excited about the possibilities this opens up for you and your church!

For a complete overview of how Smart Tags work, check out our help center.

If you have a fun way you’re using Smart Tags, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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