Organize & Communicate with Groups

Easily group people by assigning them a tag. Then use that tag to communicate with the group, add the members to an event, or for other administrative tasks. Tags can be used to group volunteers, event attenders, small group members, and more.

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Quickly email and text groups

Quickly and easily compose email and text messages to be sent to individuals or groups.


See who is reading messages you send

View email stats showing who is opening and clicking on emails that you send through Breeze.


Schedule messages to be sent later

Increase your efficiency by scheduling messages to be sent later, allowing you to prep in advance for upcoming events.


Easily group people based on any criteria

Quickly filter people by any criteria such as age, gender, or membership status, and save them as a group.


Automatically add and remove people from groups

Set up automations to automatically group people when they match a certain criteria.


We'll move your existing groups in from a previous system

Our import team will transfer your groups in from your previous system. There's no charge for this (we want to see you succeed!).

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A short video showing how this works.

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Reviewer Image

Breeze is the answer to opening communication with our membership and staff, and so much more!

Breeze has opened the communication highway for our congregation and staff, with very little training. Because members can update their own records and search easily for other members - and map their locations, send emails and text right from Breeze, they love it and our data is more real-time accurate. Our ministries are stronger, because they can trust the data in Breeze, which is easily accessed anywhere, anytime.

Ellen G.
Grace Church