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Moving Your Data Into Breeze

Easily move your data into Breeze from nearly any other system

Our Import Team

Our team will take your previous data and import it into Breeze, all without any additional cost.

Our import team has seen nearly every format imaginable and are pros at converting data from previous systems into Breeze. No matter where your data is currently stored, we’ll handle the transition for you.

We can import your data from...

We have experience with successful data migrations from the following systems and more:

  • ACS
  • Access
  • Aplos
  • Assist 2001
  • BCMB Denomination Management Tools
  • BlueFire
  • CDM+
  • CFS Live
  • Church Community Builder
  • Church Helpmate
  • Church Management Solutions
  • Church Membership Online
  • Church Office Online
  • Church Windows
  • Church360° Members
  • ChurchApp
  • ChurchDBS
  • ChurchTeams
  • ChurchTrac
  • ChurchWatch
  • Donor Tools
  • Elexio
  • Elvanto
  • Excel
  • Faith Teams
  • Fellowship One
  • Flockbase
  • Google Contacts
  • GuestView
  • IconCMO
  • Instant Church Directory
  • KidCheck
  • Logos
  • MaxPro
  • Membership Plus
  • MinistryTracker
  • Parish Data Systems
  • ParishSOFT
  • People Driven Software
  • Planning Center Online
  • Power Church
  • QuickBooks - Desktop
  • Realm
  • Revelations CHMS
  • Richmond Software
  • Roll Call
  • Seraphim
  • Servant Keeper
  • Shelby Systems
  • Shepherd's Staff
  • SimpleChurch
  • The City
  • Tithe 6
  • Web Church Connect

Or you can import your data yourself

If you are technically minded and want to handle the move of data, we share what we’ve learned about exporting data from all of these systems and provide direction to assist you.

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