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How to Engage Mental Health in Your Church

Posted by Aaron Buer on December 12, 2019


There’s something going on in our culture that we need to talk about.  The latest statistics I’ve read show that around 18% of Americans have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  I think most experts would argue that this number is low because many people are struggling with various levels of anxiety without professional help.  A second statistic that is staggering is that suicide is the second leading cause of death for people aged 10-34.   Mental health is a serious issue for our...

The Importance of Church Engagement in Community Service

Posted by Aaron Buer on December 5, 2019


If your church is like mine, you’re probably really good at caring for and investing in the people connected to your ministry. If people walk through your doors and engage with programs, they are likely to get plugged into the church community and grow. They likely believe that you care for and about them. But, what about the people who don’t walk through your doors? If our churches are unengaged with the surrounding communities, this is a huge missed opportunity.  Most people around us don’t...

Welcoming Church Visitors: 3 Questions to Examine How Your Church is Doing

Posted by Aaron Buer on November 20, 2019


There are the things we say and then there are the things we do. You know how this goes. When your significant other says, “I’m not mad at you.” But their hands are clenched and their face is purple. "I’m pretty sure you are furious with me right now.” The thing about hospitality for many churches is that we say to guests, “We’re so glad that you’re here!” But, what we don’t say communicates much more loudly, “Yeah, we kinda wish you hadn’t showed up.” If I’m a guest at a church, I’m...

Sermon Series - Ideas for Church Leaders

Posted by Aaron Buer on November 14, 2019


So, what are you preaching on next? This feels like the time of year when churches run out of creative energy. So much has been poured into the fall ministry season and then into Christmas services. There’s not much left in the tank! Can we just coast until Easter? But, the pressure is on. You have to deliver compelling sermons in January, February and March! I’m going to share some of the books that I’ve read over the last year or so that have helped shaped our preaching. And, whether you have...

Lessons From Past Employers That Helped Me Grow in Ministry

Posted by Aaron Buer on November 4, 2019


One of the questions I always ask in an interview is, “Tell me about the worst boss you’ve ever had.” I just used the question yesterday. I like to follow it up with, “What did you learn from that person?” How can you learn from a bad boss? Well, I think learning has more to do with me and my attitude than the person leading me. I’ve been thinking about this idea. I’ve been thinking about all the bosses I’ve ever had and what I’ve learned from them. Here’s an abridged list... Resilience My...

Becoming a Church Leader Free of Pride and Envy

Posted by Aaron Buer on October 31, 2019


I’m wondering if you ever have moments like I do. Moments where you feel a little jealous about what somebody else has. And, I’m not talking about cars and houses. I’m talking about ministry here. You see the church down the street’s new building. Or, you hear about the church across town’s budget or youth room. Or, maybe it’s a little more personal than that. You watch another preacher on YouTube and you are blown away with their skill and polish and you have that moment, “Why them and not...

Church Leadership Includes Succession Planning

Posted by Aaron Buer on October 24, 2019


I’ll never forget the day my boss asked me, “So, if you get hit by a beer truck tomorrow...who would take over your team?” I was like, “First off...a beer truck?!? Why does it have to be a beer truck? Secondly...I’m not sure.” What about you? Do you have a plan? One of the most common conversations I get into with other church leaders centers around succession. We are in the middle of a very interesting era in the church in America. The founding pastors of many successful churches are nearing...

Should We Do What That Other Church is Doing?

Posted by Aaron Buer on October 17, 2019


I’ve been thinking a lot about growth and expansion lately. I’ve been asking, "What is next for our church and the church in America?" I’ve been reading the research, listening to podcasts, interviewing churches and asking lots of questions to just about anyone who will listen. People are getting annoyed. I can tell. A driving question in my thinking has been: What is everyone else doing and what does that tell us about how our church strategy should shift? If church X is seeing incredible...

How to Survive Toxic Criticism in Your Church

Posted by Aaron Buer on October 8, 2019


As you already know, we work in churches so everyone is always nice. Nobody ever says anything hurtful...right? Oh wait. We all have stories of criticism we have received about the way we lead, speak, dress, drive or whatever that frankly...hurt! My fifth-grade teacher predicted that I would be a Lazy Boy sofa tester when I grew up...yeah, that wasn’t helpful. Once after preaching, someone from the congregation told me that I would be a good preacher...someday. So that day wasn’t today then?...

The Dance of Relevance and Orthodoxy In The Church

Posted by Aaron Buer on September 30, 2019


Have you noticed there are a bazillion opinions out there when it comes to how a church is supposed to run? "If you do this then your church will grow!" "If you were a real church, then you would do this." "If you want to reach the next generation, then you simply must change XYZ." "A biblical church looks like this." How do you know what to do? Especially if your church isn’t experiencing explosive growth and you know something needs to change. What exactly is it that needs to change? These...

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