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The 5 Functions of Church Management

Posted by Susanna Fleming on February 3, 2023


What are the primary functions of church management, and what does church management software do? While these may not seem like exciting questions, church management is one of the most valuable topics we can cover regarding church ministry.  This is because the Church is both an organism and a divine organization. It can be rightfully described as an organism because it is a vibrant and living community – the “Body of Christ” – with Jesus serving as its head (1 Corinthians 12:12-27, Colossians...

4 Questions to Help You Lead People in Your Church Better

Posted by Aaron Buer on February 1, 2023


Leadership is telling people what to do, right? Actually, no. Good leadership is influence. One of the most strategic ways to influence people is through asking good questions. In this post, I share 4 questions that I regularly ask in one-on-ones with the people I lead. I believe that at least 1 or 2 of these questions will help you lead people more effectively.  4 Questions to Ask in One-On-One Meetings   How Can I Help? The first question I often ask is, “How can I help?”  I like to ask this...

7 Signs You Need a New Church Management Software

Posted by Kelsey Yarnell on January 31, 2023


Is it time to get a new church management software?  If you work on staff at a church, then you might assume that all church management technology is created equal. But that’s not actually the case. Church management software solutions, or ChMS, vary in price, ease of use, and feature set. Making the switch to a better solution can help you save time and money…and make your life as a church administrator or church leader a whole lot easier! A great church management software can… Increase...

A Guide to Church Management and Leadership

Posted by Breeze Church Management on January 30, 2023


Church management and church leadership sound like the same thing, but there are some important differences between them. Management is usually more concerned with the church's daily operations (which often rely on church management software to run properly),  while leadership focuses on religious matters. We need capable church managers and church leaders to serve God and church members well. Want to learn more about church management and church leadership? We’ll cover all you need to know in...

The Difference Between Church Administration and Church Management

Posted by Breeze Church Management on January 27, 2023


Church administration and church management are often lumped together. While they’re both important in the smooth daily operations of the church, there are some key differences between them. Church administration, for example, may be more closely tied with using a church management software solution to complete administrative tasks. Church management may be more closely tied with general leadership.  Read on to learn more about church administration and church management, their differences, and...

How to Hire an Effective Church Administrator

Posted by Breeze Church Management on January 26, 2023


A church administrator is essential for smooth church management. Great church administrators can manage your church’s finances, organize events, and connect your church family, often relying on church management software to perform these tasks. On the other hand, an under-qualified church administrator may lead to communication issues and disorganization. How do you hire an effective church administrator, and what skills do they need to do the job? Read on to learn more. Why Do Churches Need...

5 Ways to Improve Your Church's Worship Experience

Posted by Aaron Buer on January 24, 2023


Every weekend is an opportunity to help people connect with God. That’s a pretty incredible privilege and responsibility, if you think about it.  You’ve been in worship services that moved you into a space where you could really focus on connecting with God. You've also been in worship services that were so distracting that it was difficult for you to connect with God.   So, how do we craft and execute great worship services? Each of our churches has our own focuses and strategies. In this...

How Much Does Church Management Software Cost?

Posted by Breeze Church Management on January 23, 2023


As a church grows, so does the need for effective management of its members, finances, and services. Church management software tools have become increasingly popular as a way to streamline these tasks and make it easier for churches to stay organized. In this blog post, we will take a look at 4 different pricing plans for church management software tools available on the market. Whether you are a small church just starting out or a large, established congregation, there is a software solution...

7 Must-Haves in a Church Management Software

Posted by Breeze Church Management on January 20, 2023


If you’re leading a church in the 21st century, then you need church management software.  Church management software saves you significant time on admin, reduces errors, automates communication, and even creates more space for ministry.  But choosing a church management software tool that’s right for your church isn’t easy. There are a range of options available. And most of them promise the same outcome: simplify church management.  In the following article, we’ll talk about the seven key...

What Does a Church Administrator Do?

Posted by Susanna Fleming on January 18, 2023


What are the functions of a church administrator? For some of us, the seemingly obvious answer to this question may include tasks such as filing, paperwork, working with church management software, managing calendars, and organizing excel spreadsheets.  If you have been around church ministry for any manner of time, however, you probably understand that administration is much more than a list of tasks. In fact, this form of church management is one of the most important aspects of a thriving...

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